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Wilmington Pool Lighting: Poolside Living at the Beach

Is the pool your favorite spot in the summer months? Whether you like to lounge in the sun, stay cool in the water or host poolside parties, your pool is likely the center of your outdoor entertaining space. Extending your time by the pool is as simple as calling Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington. We love to create an environment that best suits your needs. If you’re looking for a tranquil relaxation place or a festive party atmosphere, our custom outdoor lighting design can meet your unique requirements.

Every Pool is Unique

No two pools are exactly alike. Well, maybe the pools are, but the combination of pool, pool patio/deck and surrounding landscape are never the same. Our joy is to face the challenge of customizing a creative lighting design to work with the unique elements of your pool and the surrounding area. To meet this challenge we have a few tricks up our sleeves and a few favorite techniques.

Natural Rock Accents

Pools that are built with rocks as part of the pool design offer a great opportunity for illuminating water and falls with a light hidden under the rocks’ outcropping. The gorgeous reflection of the light off the water expands the size of the pool and creates a magical dancing reflection on the surface of the rocks.

Pool Patios & Surrounds

Wall and Pool LightingWe love to illuminate the exterior perimeter of a pool patio or deck surround. The benefits of perimeter lighting are adding function to the entire space after the sun sets, but also creating safe navigation around the pool for those looking to stay dry. Our copper path lights are perfect for creating this visual expansion of your pool area.

Landscape Walls, Shrubbery & Trees

If you’ve added palm trees, paver patio walls or flowering shrubbery to your poolside area, they provide a lovely opportunity for a unique lighting effect. We can uplight large trees, wash shrubs with a focal light or wrap your palms in festive string lights for a pool party feeling all summer long.

From Figure Eight Island to Sneads Ferry, poolside living is a great substitute for the salty ocean water and the sand in your swim trunks. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we offer high-quality custom-designed outdoor lighting for your unique pool, pool deck, pool patio and lounging space to create a summer hangout spot you’ll never want to leave. Call today for a complimentary nighttime demonstration.  (910) 356-8203