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Wilmington Outdoor Lighting for Beachfront Living & Vacation Rentals

Are you blessed enough to call Carolina Beach or Surf City home? Or maybe you own a vacation rental on Figure Eight Island or Oak Island? In any case, you are counting down the days until the water warms up and the beach life can begin again. As the weather warms and spring breakers are arriving, you might be thinking about some improvement projects that can make your beach home more functional for those long summer days & mild summer nights. Or maybe you want to increase your vacation rental income by adding luxurious outdoor recreational space to your property. In either case, outdoor lighting can assist in this endeavor.

Outdoor Lighting for Beachfront Living

As extended family descend on your beach front property for the beach season, make everyone more comfortable by making your outdoor space more functional. When the house is crowded with guests for the weekend, and the weather is gorgeous, your outdoor space can be the best hang out spot, even after dark. Add landscape lighting, deck lighting and path lighting to encourage your guests to stay outdoors longer. It will feel like adding square footage to your home.

Outdoor Lighting for Beachfront Vacation Rentals

Vacation at the beach is all about the luxurious great outdoors. After a long day in the sand & surf, give your guests a place to enjoy the cool ocean breeze as the sun sets in the Intracoastal Waterway. Improving the outdoor entertaining space at your vacation rental can be a great way to increase your rental income. The convenience of the space will keep your place booked up all season long and the demand will allow you to increase your rental fees. Whether you’re adding a deck, patio, outdoor kitchen or outdoor bar we have the perfect LED outdoor lighting to create a nighttime hotspot for your vacationers.

We recommend festive string lighting for your palm trees and outdoor patio space.

Palm Trees with string lighting

Our deck lighting adds safety & convenience to your deck, docks and boardwalks.

Deck Lighting

Improve your outdoor lounging area with attraction lights to keep the guests out in the fresh ocean air well into the long summer nights.

Decorative Lighting Fixture

If you’re ready to spruce up your vacation home, improve your beachfront outdoor living space, or simply want to spend more time outdoors this season. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today for a free design consultation. (910) 356-8203