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Extend the Magic of Summer’s Biggest Celebration with Wilmington LED Outdoor Lighting

The North Carolina 4th of July Festival is part of the shining glory that is Southport. A historic tradition that brings 40 – 50 thousand participants to our inviting seaside home each year. With 10 days of music, parades, and celebration, the riverfront fireworks display that wraps up each year’s event is a sight that can’t easily be explained with words. Giant explosions of color in the night sky make our country’s birthday party a magical wonder to behold.


After the party was over this year when you drove up your driveway, what did you see? Or could you even see at all? Did the enormous glow of the firework display make your dark entrance seem that much darker? You would be amazed at what even the smallest amount of professional lighting can do to create a new level of ambiance for your home. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington can transform what is now simply a driveway to a house, into a gently lit pathway towards your beautifully illuminated home.

Our LED outdoor lighting is an energy efficient and long lasting way to change the entire look and feel of your yard and home. The lighting options available for creating the atmosphere you desire are seemingly limitless, from pathways and driveways, landscape and garden, pools and outdoor living areas, and of course doorways and architectural features.


There is a sense of security that comes with arriving safely home to a warmly lit drive and front door, but safety is only one of the many benefits. Outdoor lighting provides so much more. Garden and landscaping lights can present coloring and splendor that give a different dimension to your labor than the sunlight. You can show off the hours spent creating your landscaping and add tremendous value to your entire home. It also allows for the complete use of all of your outdoor spaces day and night. Deck, porch, and patio lighting extends the space in your home for evening relaxation and nighttime entertaining. Combining our lighting with a Carolina night sky and the sounds of summer makes for a magical paradise… and it can be right outside your door.

We make it possible to bring some of the mystique you felt at the Independence Day Fireworks home with you to enjoy year-round. Call us today at (910) 356-8203 and let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington create the lighting design that is perfect for your home. Next year when your friends and family are making plans to come to Southport for the festival let your newly lit garden or patio retreat be their desired destination.