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The Best Solar Landscape Lights of 2016 Are LED Landscape Lights

While we are big believers in clean energy and renewable resources, today’s popular solar landscape lights just are not up to par for quality outdoor lighting design. With solar energy providing electricity for many homes around the world, it is a great way to be greener. However, landscape lighting directly powered by solar energy has not yet reached its full potential. That being said, LED landscape lighting has come into its heyday, looking and performing better than ever while still being extremely sustainable with low energy use.

The Problem with Solar Landscape Lighting

There are a few major limitations if you choose to go with solar landscape lights in Wilmington.

  1. Solar landscape lights offer points of light in the night, rather than casting a light out amongst the pathway or landscape in which it resides.
  2. Solar landscape lights start as a dim point of light when the sun begins to set, fading out to darkness long before the optimal timing. The solar technology is just not powerful enough to last.
  3. Solar landscape lights are often strung together in sets of 6 or 10 limiting your flexibility in lighting design.
  4. Solar landscape lights can many times appear to be brass or copper, but are mostly made of plastic that does not withstand a stray ball or a bump from the lawn mower.
  5. Solar landscape lights cannot be placed on a timer for automatic function that fits your exact lifestyle needs.
  6. Solar landscape lights cannot be upgraded, altered or changed in any way.

Lighting FixtureThe Benefits of LED Landscape Lighting

Wilmington LED landscape lighting uses 80% less energy than halogen. You can feel good about using very little electricity and spending very little money running these gorgeous landscape lights.

LED landscape lighting is not the LED lights you may remember from as little as 10-15 years ago. There is no delay between flipping the switch and illumination. There is no distinct and unattractive bluish hue to the light emitted. The LED lights look great, perform great and you may even have trouble distinguishing between LED and halogen in a direct comparison.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we use the best quality, best color, and best-performing LED landscape lights on the market. Our copper and brass fixtures weather beautifully and can withstand the wear and tear of weather and outdoor living. Our LED lights even feature a patent-pending technology that keeps the heat of the bulb away from the electronics of the fixture to extend the already long-lasting LED bulb life even further.

If you’re interested in creating a brilliantly illuminated landscape while using a low-energy great looking light, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington for a free nighttime demonstration today! (910) 356-8203