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Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington Before Large Landscaping Projects

Spring is a perfect time to refresh and renew your Coastal Carolina landscape. Whether you’re spending a weekend with your garden gloves and shovels or you’re hiring a professional to do a complete overhaul, it is vital to protect the integrity of your landscape lighting. Before you get started, call us, we’ll come out and move lights and electrical lines to avoid damage. We’ll also return to your home at the appropriate time to re-bury lines and reset your modified landscape lighting design.

When is it most important to include us in your landscaping plans?


Pathway lighting

If you’re extending your landscaping beds to plant more perennials, annual, shrubbery & ornamental trees, call us. Anytime you are digging near landscape lighting you risk cutting electrical lines. We can carefully move lines out of your way and reset the lights to highlight the best features of your newly designed flower beds. If you are simply adding a few new plants, be careful digging and call us afterward for a lighting design adjustment.


Adding new trees to your yard will significantly alter your landscape. If you’re digging anywhere in the yard where your electrical lines could be buried, it is important to call us first. We can make sure you avoid cutting lines. We can also add new lights to your favorite new trees before the lawn or landscape where you have been digging has time to heal. We will save you time and allow your new landscape to look and stay looking amazing.


We are currently working with a client who is having fresh sod installed. We will pull up the electrical lines and remove the lights before the landscapers till the soil. Once they lay down the fresh sod, we can safely lift sections of sod to rebury lines and place the lights back where they belong. By including us now, the homeowner will save time and money in having to replace cut lines or broken lights after the fact.

Call us today if you’re planning some landscape updates to your Wilmington home. We’ll help you keep your outdoor lighting intact and looking fantastic. (910) 356-8203