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Southern Elegance and Charm: With Wilmington LED Outdoor Lighting

There are many benefits to living in the South. Fantastic barbecue, sweet tea, mild weather and “Southern Hospitality.” The hospitality and grace that defines a southern lady or gentleman have become part of the design and landscape of the towns, businesses and homes in North Carolina. While the feeling can be hard to explain and words don’t do it justice, it can only be described as charm and understated elegance. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we have mastered the skill of designing an LED outdoor lighting system to not only carry on the tradition of the elegant southern look – but we can add more charm for nighttime enjoyment.

Custom LED Outdoor Lighting Designed for Charm

When we design your custom LED outdoor lighting system, we always do so after touring your property with you and understanding all of your wants and needs. We’ll identify the most charming aspects of your home to design a lighting effect that will carry that character through to the night. When it comes to achieving understated elegance with outdoor lighting, there are a few general principles we almost always follow:

  • Less is more. A giant flood light washes out colors and disturbs your neighbors. We’ll use just the right amount of light for maximum charm and beauty.
  • Focus on the illuminated. Our lighting fixtures are top quality copper and brass that are built to blend into the landscape, so the focus is on the illuminated, not the light itself.
  • Spread the love. A home and property offer many gorgeous features that deserve attention. From pathways, gardens, entryways, trees and flower; illuminating a little of everything is a great way to disperse the magic of LED outdoor lighting in a way that creates warmth and ambiance.

If you’re looking to add a bit more Southern charm to you property or illuminate the classic Southern look you already enjoy during the day, call today! (910) 356-8203 With our free nighttime design demonstration, you’ll enjoy a stunning preview of what outdoor lighting can do for your Wilmington home. Don’t forget to have the sweet tea ready.