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Wilmington LED Path Lights: Versatility, Beauty, and Timelessness

Every artist has their favorite tool, their favorite canvas, their favorite colors. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, our lighting designers have their favorite lights. While we won’t upset the rest of the gang by claiming path lights as our favorite, we will tell you we enjoy using them for their versatility, beauty, and classic charm. LED path lights are great for paths, of course, but did you know they are a fantastic choice for illuminating many stunning features of your home, including landscapes, flower beds, driveways, and more?

Path Lighting for Landscapes

Our copper and brass LED path lights are a subtle way to illuminate your prized landscape design. Whether they are tucked neatly in your flower beds along the front of your home or provide subtle perimeter lighting near your wooded back tree line, path lights in your landscape provide a loveliness you can adore all night.

Path Lights for Driveways

With many options to choose from, path lighting is not surprisingly a popular choice for those looking to add subtle lighting along their driveway. Winding dark driveways can be difficult to find, let alone navigate. With our path lighting to lead the way, you’ll enjoy as clear a path as an airplane landing strip, but without gentle washes of light instead of glare, you can see from outer space.

Path Lights for Flower Beds

Have you considered the best way to illuminate your stunning perennials and annuals for nighttime enjoyment? Did you know that the bold reds, pretty pinks, and tropical oranges of your petals show better in subtle LED light than in the harsh glare of the bright summer sun? With our path lights near your favorite blooms, you’ll not only enjoy the truer coloring, but you’ll get to see your favorite night blooms such as Moon Flowers and Night Blooming Jasmine.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today to create a custom outdoor lighting design, including our versatile path lighting, for beautifying your home and landscape. (910) 356-8203