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Palm Trees, Palm Trees & More Palm Trees: Other Southport Trees Deserve to See the Light

When it comes to Southport tree lighting, nothing is more popular that illuminating your lovely tropical palm trees. From wrapping them with string lights to uplighting them with a gorgeous LED focal light, everyone loves to extend that fun, beachy feeling into the night. But what about the other trees on your property? We offer the top five trees for tree lighting in Southport, NC, that are not Palm Trees.

Crape Myrtle trees are a Southern staple. They grace the edges of driveways, they anchor flower beds, and they are a favorite commercial landscaping tree. With a lovely wide wash of light, we can accent the lovely smooth trunk and the breadth of their flowering branches.

Southern OakSouthern Live Oaks grace the most famous historical Southern towns, including Southport, providing shade and commanding adoration from all. With lovely sprawling branches, year-round greenery, and the potential to host charming Spanish moss – Southern Live Oaks should never be left in the dark.

Loquat trees provide an evergreen addition to your landscape. Their deep leathery leaves are reminiscent of the magnolia tree. In tropical climates they produce fruit, but in Southport, they are a perfect choice for an ornamental tree. With the addition of tree lighting, your Loquat will become your favorite tree on long winter nights.

River Birch trees are a popular shade tree. With unique curling bark and spreading limbs, this fast growing tree does well almost anywhere. One of our favorite trees to illuminate, we love to focus on the multiple trunks of the single tree with focal lighting, where the texture of the curling bark can be enjoyed day or night.

Japanese MapleJapanese Maple trees are one of the most popular ornamental trees. With fascinating, twisted branches reaching out and tiny leaves that range from lime green to bright orange to dark maroon, each Japanese maple is unique. We’ll create a custom Japanese Maple lighting design, usually a wide wash of light into the outer reaches of its canopy, to make sure the most interesting features of your tree are illuminated for all to see.

What is your favorite tree?

If you’re ready to enjoy your beloved trees at night allow their majestic beauty to shine with tree lighting — call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today. We have the best tree lighting design, installation, and service in Southport.