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Why Deck Lighting is a Must-have for Your Labor Day Summer Send-off Party

Deck lighting will keep the Tooth Fairy away, save the deviled eggs, and keep your dog from having a post-party headache.

It’s been a wonderful summer, and you and your family have spent your first season in your new home on Futch Creek. Coastal living is a dream come true for you, and the time has come to host your first get-together with family and friends. So much planning has gone into Labor Day festivities, and you have checked off all the items on your to-do list. Has that ever happened before? You remembered everything. This is going to be a perfect day!

Your new deck and patio have all the amenities required for a party. Outdoor kitchen, lots of seating, shade trees for cooling off, and a few coolers packed with ice-cold drinks. What more could you need? Deck lighting. You need deck lighting!

Dark Deck Gone Wrong

The sun has gone down, and folks are still having so much fun. This has been a perfect day. The last of Grandma’s deviled eggs are chilling in the fridge, and they’ve got your name on them! A host/grill master doesn’t always have time to indulge while he’s on-duty. Your dog, Duke, has enjoyed having so many guests, who have been very generous with nibbles of this and that. Your little Cindy Lou has followed her mom around since dinner, asking when it will be time to make the s’mores. “Now, Cindy Lou. The time is now!”

Deviled eggsThe fire is going in the firepit on the patio, and you have snuck inside, where deviled egg nirvana awaits. You quickly grab the last three and head back outside. Cindy Lou is coming inside to claim her graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. That’s when it all goes wrong. As Cindy Lou starts up the unlit steps to your unlit deck – CRASH! Duke rushes to her aid at the same time you arrive. You don’t see Duke. You collide with Duke, and he crashes on the steps beside Cindy Lou, hitting his head on the railing. You land on the patio…right beside your deviled eggs. Cindy Lou is crying. Duke is barking. Oh, the horror!

Designated Driver Dave to the rescue! Cindy Lou has lost a front tooth and has a small cut on her lip. It’s off to urgent care. And poor Duke! Have you ever seen a dog wearing an ice pack on his head? Well, you have now. As the vehicle twists and turns toward urgent care, you think of how quickly this perfect day turned into a nightmarish evening. You feel responsible. Cindy Lou is still asking if she can have s’mores after she sees a doctor. You are wondering why, oh why didn’t you have deck lighting installed?

Good news! Doctor says Cindy Lou, who now says her name is, “Thindy Lou,” doesn’t need stitches. He cleans her up and sends her home with her prized front tooth in her pocket. It’s late when you arrive back at home. The guests have all gone. Duke is whimpering on his bed inside. He’s probably going to play this out for a few days for extra treats. Grandma is asleep in the recliner. You quietly thank Designated Driver Dave for his quick and ample assistance and take Thindy Lou up to bed, where later tonight, the Tooth Fairy will take that tooth, and leave $5 in its place. You actually begin to wonder if you could find those deviled eggs on the patio and wipe them off well enough to eat them. You, sir, have reached a new low! Thankfully, someone thought to put them into the trash…or maybe Duke got to them first.

Deck Lighting for Backyard Gatherings

Deck LightingNow, about that list of to-do items. You realize that it should have included deck lighting. You didn’t really think it would be that dark. You thought the firepit would light the way. You were wrong. Your family has paid dearly for this error. Cindy Lou’s tooth and lip, the doctor bill that followed. Duke’s achy head. Your deviled eggs. You vow to redeem yourself! You will call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington first thing on Tuesday, and you will never again host an evening party that is not beautifully lit with custom deck and patio lighting.

If you want to be sure your end-of-summer bash comes off without a hitch (or a stitch), make sure your deck lighting is in place. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today (910) 356-8203. We provide the best deck lighting on the North Carolina coast.