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7 Ways to Know You Desperately Need Landscape Lighting

Do you think of landscape lighting as a luxury or a necessity? If you don’t have landscape lighting installed at your Wilmington, NC, home yet, chances are you’re looking at it as a luxury. You may need landscape lighting more than you realize! How many of these descriptions below feel familiar to you?

  1. You drop the words landscape lighting into every possible conversation with your spouse or significant other at every opportunity.

    By every opportunity, we mean no matter what the conversation is about.

    Tree Lighting
  2. Your palm trees are your favorite things in your yard, but when you sit out on the porch at night it’s so dark you can’t even see them.

    Are you sure the palm trees are still there at night? They may go to someone else’s house and come back to yours in the morning.
  3. You’ve tripped on that top step to the front porch way too many times.

    Why is it that one step gets you every time? Or does that matter? If you are missing a step at your own home because of poor lighting around your front porch, how well are your guests navigating that same step? Safety matters!
  4. Between you and your other family members, someone is always having to leave for work before daylight, and someone else is getting home after dark.

    Once in a while you’d like to see something other than murky grayness around your house as you leave for work. And getting home after dark every night, coming home to a dark yard and home exterior is depressing.

    Backyard string lighting
  5. You like to party hearty every weekend, but why is it always so dark when you get home late?

    Hmm. Take this opportunity to give your home a soft glow at night with landscape lighting so you can come home to a well-illuminated house. Not only will it be more cheerful, it will also be a little safer.
  6. You enjoy quiet evenings on the porch watching the sunset with a glass of wine and someone special, but you hate having to use a flashlight to get back inside after dark.

    Yeah, flashlights. If you’re like some of us, you drop them and then they don’t work so great anymore. Plus, they burn through batteries like crazy.
  7. You enjoy sitting on the deck at night with your lady, drinking a beer, but you hate how the light by the back door draws bugs at night.

    Have you heard? Those new LED lights used for landscape lighting these days don’t draw bugs like the old lightbulbs do …

We could go on, but … let’s just say this: Quit coming home to a dark house and falling up the steps. Enlist the professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington to enlighten your outlook after dark.

If you are ready to improve your safety, security, fun, and lower your annoyances when spending time outdoors, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today for a free design demonstration. (910) 356-8203