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Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Checklist

Transforming your home with a custom Wilmington outdoor lighting system is a fantastic feeling. The results will astound and your ability to enjoy your property at night will sky-rocket. But, the work is not done when the installation is done.

To keep your new outdoor lighting system looking as beautiful as it does on day one requires a little bit of regular maintenance. While our premium LED lights can withstand weather and the elements, sometimes Mother Nature and human nature cause an unavoidable need for upkeep, adjustment or repair.

Protect your investment with regular maintenance checks at a minimum of once per year. If you are bound and determined to handle it yourself, we have a few tips. But, we also offer an annual maintenance plan so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Checklist

  1. Lights out: Walk the property and check for lights that are not working. It could be a bulb, it could be a cut wire from landscapers. Investigate the situation and call us for assistance.
  2. Damaged fixtures: An errant lawn mower, a fallen tree limb, there are a few things that can cause damage to fixtures. While our copper and brass fixtures uphold against the elements and can take a few hits, sometimes accidents happen.
  3. Faulty connections: Any system that includes electrical wiring and connections can have connectors come loose for a variety of unavoidable reasons. Check all connections.
  4. Over-grown landscaping: Your beautiful landscape grows and changes all the time. This can affect the original lighting design. Trim hedges, and readjust lights to meet the new landscape design.
  5. Tipped or tilted fixtures: Our fixtures are solid brass and copper. They can take most of the daily hits that come with owning a home, but that sometimes means they get tilted or tipped and the intended lighting effect is lost. Readjusting is a big part of maintenance.

Landscape Lighting Maintenance

To avoid this responsibility, get our annual maintenance plan (AMP). When we visit for a maintenance check we will do the following:

  • Perform visual inspection of outdoor lighting fixture placement, design scheme, and recommend possible enhancements
  • Straighten and adjust fixtures to ensure design integrity
  • Remove mulch and debris that might be covering or diminishing light
  • Check all connections
  • Check for proper voltage delivery on each light (this ensures color consistency and detects unseen line issues)
  • Clean lenses and fixtures to ensure longevity and correct light output
  • Tighten transformer terminal block connections
  • Conceal any exposed wire due to foot traffic or erosive conditions
  • Limited pruning (with your guidance as needed)
  • Check automatic timing and operational control system
  • Annual replacement of all halogen lamps where applicable

With our AMP, you don’t have to worry about any of these things. We’ll take care of them all with our annual maintenance visit. Call today to learn more or sign up. (910) 356-8203