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LED Outdoor Lighting: What Does LED Stand For?

Have you ever found yourself pondering the question, "What does LED stand for in LED outdoor lighting?" If so, your Google search might have directed you to the result "Light Emitting Diode." However, this might not provide the clarity you seek.

You may have also stumbled upon some historical information about LED lights being utilized in early cell phone displays or electronic devices. LED technology has evolved significantly since those early days and is now a staple for indoor, outdoor, residential, and commercial lighting applications of various kinds.


But why should you care about the meaning behind LED? Understanding the science behind LED lights can deepen your appreciation for their many benefits. Here's a closer look at the fascinating world of light-emitting diodes and what makes them a standout choice for your outdoor lighting needs.


So, exactly what does LED stand for, and what does it mean? Explaining the science behind how a Light light-emitting diode (LED) works would likely help you fall asleep. So, we will let the marvelous video below do the explaining:

The main takeaways from this video about the science behind lighting emitting diodes really points out the reason everyone is switching over to LED.

  1. Unlike traditional bulbs, the electricity in LED lights does not heat filament. This keeps the light cooler and extends its life.
  2. LED lights do not require tubes like vapor lamps or fluorescents – so without the glass "bulb" portion, LED lamps are much more durable to vibration, shocks, bumps, and weather elements.
  3. Electrons from Light Emitting Diode bulbs are cycled back through the process, which requires 80% less energy and adds to the long life of LED outdoor lighting.


With plentiful benefits for switching to LED, such as longer lamp life, less heat, less electricity, potential cost savings, and increased durability, you might come up with a new definition for what the letters LED stand for.

Less Energy & Delicacy?

Lovely Easy & Dependable?


Are you intrigued by LED but still have questions? Let's shed light on common queries:

Q: What does LED stand for in lighting?

A: LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, a semiconductor device that emits light when an electric current passes through it.

Q: What does LED mean for energy efficiency?

A: LED lighting is renowned for its energy efficiency, consuming less power, and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Q: What does LED stand for in Outdoor Lighting Perspectives?

A: At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, LED stands for Long-lasting, Energy-efficient, and Dazzling, offering a brilliant solution for your outdoor lighting needs.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we not only unravel the science behind LED but also bring you the best design practices and installation know-how. While you spend your time enjoying the magnificence of your LED outdoor lighting system, we take care of the technicalities. Call today for a design consultation at (910) 356-8203 and step into the brilliance of LED illumination.