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Uplighting is a Fantastic Alternative (or Addition) to Christmas Lights

Consider NOT hanging Christmas roof lights and let your year-round landscape lighting pull double duty as holiday lighting.

Don’t you just love the magical feeling created by your outdoor Christmas lighting?

We do too!

But, not all of us are fans of the process of getting those lights up. And still others of us are less than satisfied with just nighttime holiday décor. Rather than wait for nightfall to get the holiday joy, you add wreaths, garland, and greenery to your home too. But then you wish you could see your greenery at night as well!

What if I told you can have your fruit cake and eat it too!


How does it work?

It is simple, you decorate your trees, porch, posts, columns, and home with daytime decorations such as glass bulbs, garland, wreaths, snowmen, and Santa Clause.

Those items are gorgeous all day, but then become an extra special nighttime feature with a focal light shining right on them.

Your uplighting is a permanent part of your landscape lighting and can simply be adjusted slightly to highlight your holiday design. A perfect complement to your Christmas lights, letting you see your garland and wreaths at night.

Uplighting as an alternative to Christmas lighting

Outdoor Holiday LightingFor those of you who want to avoid the day-long or weekend-long task of putting holiday lighting up, you can utilize this design idea alone for your holiday décor. Target your wreaths, garland and lawn deer with existing landscape lighting and you have a magical nighttime holiday display.

In addition to using year-round landscape lighting to uplight garland, wreaths, and other holiday items, you can change the color of your landscape lighting for Christmas.

Ask us about our color-changing RGB LED outdoor lights or colored lenses for existing landscape lighting. A little red and green? Or maybe blue and silver? You choose your color scheme, and what used to take a day to create can be done in an hour.

If you’d like to consider uplighting as an alternative or addition to your outdoor Christmas lighting, give us a call today. (910) 356-8203 We can add a few lights to existing systems, upgrade you to LED, or install a new lighting system for year-round use! Now that is what I call treating yourself to a fabulous Christmas gift. We look forward to working with you.

PS. We also install Christmas lights if you’d rather just leave it all to the pros.