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Too Dark to Get Outdoors? Not with Wilmington Landscape Lighting

Is it just us, or did the darkness come quite suddenly this year when the time changed? Maybe it is all the rain or the dreary days, but we went from summer to winter in the blink of an eye. That being said, winter on the North Carolina coast isn’t all that cold, it is just dark! Don’t let that darkness keep you from enjoying your outdoor space this winter – just add landscape lighting.

No matter whether you have a dream backyard with all the amenities, a deck, porch, patio or a lush backyard you love to spend time in, you shouldn’t let the darkness of winter chase you indoors. The winter weather can be perfect, the only trouble is, the sunsets by the time you get home from work.

But with the addition of landscape lighting, you can enjoy your outdoor spaces in a new way this winter.

How do we make your awesome outdoor space function for you at night?

It depends. How do you use your backyard?


By installing a custom LED landscape lighting system, we can transform most backyards into functioning nighttime space. We’ll strategically use accent lighting on your Palm Trees, Live Oaks, shrubbery and around pathways to create a nighttime retreat. By not attempting to recreate daylight – we give you a new space, that is like-new for you! The custom design will ensure your most utilized areas have just the right light for you.
Before and After upgraded lighting


Do you spend a lot of time grilling out? We have the best lighting for outdoor kitchens and grilling areas. We can customize it to fit your space. If you have countertops, we can place lights underneath. If you have a pergola over top, we can use that to create task lighting on your countertops. The possibilities are aplenty.

Do you like to lounge by your fire pit? Our hardscape lights are the best! We can replace pavers in your patio with subtle lighting that won’t stick out and cause a tripping hazard. We also have the perfect hardscape light for mounting within vertical elements, under capstones to create subtle visibility for navigating the area after you snuff out that fire.

Do you just have to eat dinner outdoors? And why wouldn’t you? With gorgeous starry nights and mild temperatures, winter can be the best time for dinner al fresco! With our deck lighting and patio lighting, we will make sure your outdoor dining space has just the lighting it needs to make every meal a special occasion.

And don’t forget the overhead market lights. Our custom professional-grade outdoor string lighting can be right for just about any outdoor space. It is beloved over decks and patios for an instant party, but imagine it stretched between a few trees, illuminating your yard for yard games!

Even if we didn’t list a specific solution for your yard here, with our custom lighting designs, we can create the lighting that will meet your winter outdoor living needs. Call us today! (910) 356-8203 We’ll start by visiting your home with a nighttime demonstration!