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Time is Running Out To Order Outdoor Lighting for Your 4th of July Party!

If the Fourth of July party is going to be at your house, are you ready? That’s right, it’s summer!! Once Memorial Day passes, it’s all about July 4th. It’s a month away, but you know that month will fly by. If you want your party preparations in place in time for the party, you need to make that To-Do list and start checking things off nowBe sure outdoor lighting is on your list!

You have great options for outdoor lighting. First, let’s look at temporary event lighting, and then we’ll talk about permanent outdoor party lighting. (You already love that idea, right?)

Temporary 4th of July Party Lighting

You definitely want special event lighting for your party, but maybe you’re not wild about the idea of “permanent” lighting. (You may change your mind as you keep reading.) Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington can install lighting for your party, then return shortly afterward and remove the temporary lighting. No mess.

For temporary special event lighting, the first thing that comes to mind is string lighting, also known as party lights. But that’s usually not enough. It depends, of course, on how big the party location is and whether you want to illuminate just the immediate area or the entire back yard.

If you want to contain your guests in a defined area, string lighting may be enough—along with some safety lighting if you have steps, like deck stairs, that aren’t usually lit. Also, we want to address other possible tripping hazards like stepping stones in the yard.

Fun String Lighting Designs Make a Party More Fun!

Palm trees with string lightsWhether your installation will be temporary or permanent, we have a variety of string lighting designs you can choose between. If your July 4th party will be contained to a small area, you may just want the string lighting over your deck or patio or between trees in the yard where your fire pit is located. If you want to cover a larger area, you can choose neat, straight rows or maybe a fan design where the strings of light fan out from a center point. If you have palm trees, then yes, we can wrap them if you’d like.

More Than String Lighting?

If you want to give your guests the run of the yard, we can get more creative. We’ll install string lighting, obviously, around the central party space, the food, beverages, etc. But think bigger! This is the time to present your yard in all its glory. If you have bench seating under a pergola, light it. If you have a water feature or fire feature, light it. A magnificent tree, beautiful gardens, the pathway from the driveway … light them all! Landscape lighting can turn your yard into a magical place. It won’t be bright, so don’t imagine lights they can see from outer space. Subtle landscape lighting is all it takes to create the magic.

Also, even though we’re still talking about temporary event lighting, it’s a very good idea to light the front door, the driveway and any walkways from the driveway to the front door. Exterior lighting in front of your home says “Welcome!” and “You’ve come to the right place!”

Permanent Outdoor Party Lighting

Step LightingWhile you’re thinking about party lighting for the 4th of July, consider adding string lights you can leave up year-round. Our outdoor string lighting is made to withstand the weather and you can leave it up all year. Many of our clients have found that once they have string lighting, they don’t want to let go of it. String lighting makes every night feel festive. Once it’s installed, you have the option to use it for special occasions and spontaneous gatherings or use it every night of the year.

We can also install LED lights that change color, called RGB lights, and with smart-phone controls, you can program them to display many different colors. You’ll have red, white and blue for the 4th of July, but you won’t be limited to that selection. Change your RGB lights to orange for Halloween! Red and green for Christmas. You can bring up almost any color, and you can change them on a whim or schedule the color changes in advance. We can install RGB lights flush with your patio for a fun surprise your guests will not be expecting.

If you’re thinking about installing permanent party lighting in time for July 4th, keep in mind that we can install permanent year-round landscape lighting then, too. This is especially popular for decks and patios. You don’t need to let your outdoor living spaces go dark at night. You’ll be surprised by how much more enjoyment you get out of these spaces all year when you add outdoor lighting.

Temporary or Permanent, You Need to Order Now

Landscape LightingJuly 4th is sneaking up fast! We will need time to create your lighting design, order supplies and install the lights before your party.

Start now to prepare your home for the big 4th of July festivities. With the best party lighting, whether rented or installed, you’ll create a night your guests will never forget. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today. (910) 356-8203 Hurry! Time is running out.