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Wilmington Landscape Lighting – A Gift (That You’ll Both Love) for the Dad in Your Life

Father’s Day, June 17: Give the dad in your life the gift of landscape lighting this year. Has he ever given you an appliance as a gift? Beat him at his own game and get him a gift you’ll adore too! New Wilmington landscape lighting for your home is the perfect Father’s Day gift. Illuminate paths, gardens, your home and outdoor living spaces.

Landscape lighting serves many purposes. It adds safety and security at your home while enhancing the beauty of everything there. When you see the effects of landscape lighting at your home, you’ll be most aware of the transformative power of these lights, because the effect will be stunning. You probably won’t even think about how outdoor lighting makes your home safer and more secure as well.

Secretly, It’s a Gift for Both of You

This is a “His and Hers” Father’s Day gift if there ever was one. What does he like to do outdoors? If he is a grill master, a fan of the big smoker, or a chef with an outdoor kitchen, give him light to work by! With landscape lighting around the grilling area, he won’t feel rushed to get the food done before dark. If he has a basketball court, cornhole boards or horseshoe pits, let him play on! When you have friends over and the games get competitive, darkness will not force an early halt to the fun.

What do you like to do outdoors? If you enjoy your prized Azaleas or Hydrangeas, you probably won’t be gardening at night, but you sure can enjoy the view of your flowering plants with gentle landscape lighting. Your lighting designer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington knows just how to position light fixtures to bring out the textures and colors of your gardens at night. Do you enjoy pure rest and relaxation with a glass of wine on the patio or deck in the evening, or around the outdoor fireplace? Subtle lighting around your outdoor living spaces will extend the time you and your guests can enjoy them.

Wilmington Landscape Lighting—It’s all About the Landscape

The two of you have invested time, energy and money into making your yard beautiful. Whether you have a landscaper or you’ve done the work yourselves, don’t let it disappear at night. We have amazing lighting techniques that bring out the best features of your trees, shrubs and gardens with beauty completely different from that seen in daylight. When we aim a small light up into the span of a beautiful Japanese Maple, it comes alive. Light and shadow, depth and texture, these are just words until you see the results for yourself. Even the photographs don’t do it justice.

As professional outdoor lighting designers, we have several lighting techniques with different fixtures and different light intensities, so we use what looks best in your yard. One client favorite is called moonlighting, a form of downlighting. We can arrange lights in a tree to shine down gently through the leaves and create a dappled effect below as though you have a full moon every night.

Energy-Efficient LED Bulbs Make This Gift Cost-Effective

It’s a gift; it’s a special occasion; it’s not about the money. Nevertheless, you may be thinking about the hit to your monthly electricity bill. Not what you’d think! Today’s LED lighting is not only beautiful, it’s also up to 80% more energy efficient than older lighting technologies. The savings on electricity is significant compared to what you would have paid a few years ago. Today’s landscape lighting is worth every penny.

If you are ready to knock his socks off with a Father’s Day gift you’ll both enjoy, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today. (910) 356-8203 Hurry! Time is running out.