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What Makes a Professional Landscape Lighting Design So Spectacular?

What Makes a Professional Landscape Lighting Design So Spectacular?

There is a common misconception that grabbing some landscape lights from your local big box will produce a similar result as hiring a professional landscape lighting designer. We understand the love of tackling home improvement projects. And honestly, it all depends on what your goals are. In addition to the technical expertise and safety associated with installing electrical components, the two biggest differences are going to be found in the quality of the landscape light and the beauty of the design.

There are techniques lighting designers have been highly trained on and perfected over the years for creating gorgeous designs to meet functional and aesthetic goals alike. A few techniques you may not have considered that are common place in a Wilmington professional landscape lighting design are:

Professional Landscape Lighting Design


Stunning enchantment can be achieved with a silhouetting effect. By installing proper lighting behind vertical objects, a lovely soft glow will emanate around the edges. This technique is ideal for privacy screens, potted plants, lattice, climbing vines, and other vertical landscape features.

Cross Lighting

Many homeowners will place a single spotlight on a tree or statue. Often though, favorite objects become flat in the dark of night. By adding multiple spotlights from different angles (Cross Lighting) the featured item will be multi-dimensional for a glorious nighttime view.


A key element in professional landscape lighting design is highlighting subtle textures of the items we illuminate. Grazing is a great way to show off stone, brick, and other highly textured surfaces. We use a light close to the object and barely graze the object with the beam of the LED lamp. The texture of the surface comes to life for incredible mystique.


Floodlighting is a popular cheap way to illuminate your property. But, there is a better way! If you have a large space that needs lighting from above, moonlighting is the way to go! With strategic placement, we will mount your lighting in a nearby tree to create a natural-looking full-moon feeling.

If you’ve given your DIY landscape lighting project a second thought and are interested in learning more about the difference a professional can make, call today. We offer a FREE nighttime demonstration at your home so you can see the difference before you commit to a thing.