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Buds, Butterflies, and Bees: Spring is Buzzing, Our Overhead Outdoor Lighting Will Make it Bloom!

April Showers Bring May Flowers.

Okay, okay, in Wilmington we are a little ahead of schedule and a very wet winter has given us plenty of March flowers. With the trees in bloom and the daffodils and tulips popping up, we know it is time to prepare for spring outdoor living! This year we predict we’ll be climbing a lot of ladders as trends continue to take outdoor lighting overhead.

A Trend Becomes a Must-Have Staple

More than two years ago we were talking about how overhead string lighting was the year’s biggest trend in outdoor lighting. Well, it is safe to say, it is more popular today than it was then. Whether you call it bistro lighting, market lighting, festival lighting, or something else, outdoor string lighting is here to stay.

It provides a nostalgic overhead glow that can create a different vibe depending on the activities taking place below. From a romantic dinner for two to celebrating a special occasion with a rambunctious outdoor party, outdoor string lighting has gone from a trend to a classic outdoor lighting must-have.

Party Spaces Go Next Level with Large Globe Lights

Green Globe LightWhen the primary function of your patio, pergola, pool, hot tub, amazing outdoor living space is to entertain, we’ll help you find the lighting to create a party vibe. While festival lighting works for many, others want something more unique. We have found eye-catching globes that are perfect for hanging in trees to turn a regular night into a party with the flip of a switch.

White or multi-color – your choice!

Moonlighting Remains an Understated Favorite

Could you use a glow across a large area from above? A glow that is all about the space you’re lighting and not at all about the light you are using? Our moonlighting creates an ambient light across your entire space from a tree above. Without blinding you. As the light washes down through the tree branches, it truly feels like a hunter’s moon is guiding you around your property at night.

Are you ready to be bold and set a fun atmosphere at night in your backyard? Lighting is the right choice for party fun with a sophisticated adult twist! Call today to schedule your free lighting design consultation. (910) 356-8203