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The Unofficial End of Summer Has Passed: Is Your Property Ready for Long Fall and Winter Nights?

You might not be thinking of it yet with this never-ending heat. But soon, winter darkness will fall over your Wilmington home and property, often before you get home from work for the day. It is all too easy to deny the inevitability of the long fall and winter nights, but we encourage you instead to plan for it.

And plan for it now.

Is your property safe and secure? Are your walkways easy to navigate? Can your friends and guests find your home easily at night? All of these questions are important to ask and answer now, so you can proactively make a change before the shortest days of the year arrive.

Enhance Safety and Security with Outdoor Lighting

Our mild winters featuring long nights and short days make your property more susceptible to mischievous behavior. Under the cover of darkness, crimes of opportunity become easier to commit.

But you can push back the dark with subtle accent lighting for your home and property.

With strategically placed landscape lighting around entryways, the perimeter of your property, and dark corners around the sides of your home you can take away the veil that provides criminals the confidence they need to attempt a robbery.

Limit Liability and Increase Enjoyability with Path Lighting

Path lighting is a must-have in the fall and winter. For late arrivals home and outdoor living, path lighting makes sure you don’t suffer a trip and fall. Or worse yet, a friend, family member or guest. Imagine the horror of someone you adore sustaining a serious injury on your property. While we don’t recommend wrapping everyone in bubble wrap or other extreme measures, a little lighting goes a long way to provide clear visibility and sure footing. Did we mention it looks beautiful too!?

Path Lighting

Front Yard & Exterior Home Lighting Makes Your Home Easy to Find

Entertaining in the fall and winter will almost inevitably bleed over into the dark of night. Whether you’re starting a late-night party after dark or guests are leaving at night, it is important to illuminate the front of your home and property.

With front yard landscape lighting, visitors arriving for the first time after dark can find your home easily. We recommend focal lighting to illuminate your address sign or another distinct landmark or beloved decorative item.
By illuminating your home and the front yard with landscape lighting, you can feel good knowing your guests can see where they are going and that there is an inviting home where they feel welcome.

Exterior House Lighting

What is your favorite fall or winter gathering? Football parties? Birthdays or reunions? Whatever the case is, make sure your home is always ready during this lovely time of year.

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