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The Best Smart Outdoor Lighting Can Be Yours with Help from Wilmington’s Premier Landscape Lighting Company

Installing a new outdoor lighting system in today’s Smart technology world should include integration into your existing smart home system or the system of your choice. With technology changing rapidly, becoming easier to install and use, skipping this critical component in a new system will undoubtedly cause you future regrets.

outdoor path lighting At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we work closely with you to make sure we set up your system in the easiest way for you to use it. Which often includes Smart outdoor lighting.

So, whether you are using a Google, Amazon, or an Apple smart home device, or you already have an existing irrigation or swimming pool Smart controller, we’ll do what we can to streamline your systems. If your home is not already equipped, our team can also provide you with recommendations and our favorite Wi-Fi landscape lighting controller so you can be in command of your lights from anywhere at any time.

Wilmington’s Best Smart Outdoor Lighting

While we will work with the controllers and devices you choose for compatibility with what you already own, our favorite Smart outdoor lighting system is super easy to use and works with popular Google and Amazon personal assistants.

person looking at phone and laptopThe top benefits of connecting your landscape lighting system to a Smart controller is your ability to manage the lighting easily, from almost anywhere:

  • “Hey, Google, ask Smart Lighting to turn on the patio lights for an hour.”
  • “Alexa, ask Smart Lighting to turn on the front yard lights.”
  • “Alexa, ask Smart Lighting to turn on all the lights at the Beach House.”
  • A few taps in an application on your smartphone, and you can turn lights on and off across your system too.

But, the often-over-looked benefit is for service!

Did you know with a Smart outdoor lighting system, if you’re having an issue, our team can access your lights from our office? Sometimes we can identify an issue from the office before we come out, ensuring we have the necessary parts.

Or maybe, you’re merely trying to adjust your lighting schedule and need some assistance. We can do that too! And all from our office. No need for you to be home and schedule time that is convenient.

If you’re installing new lighting, call us today to discuss your Smart outdoor lighting options. And if you already have lights but want to upgrade to a Smart system, go ahead and call us too. We look forward to working with you.