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Outdoor Lighting Done Right: Dimmers are a Must for Proper Outdoor String Lighting Installation

Professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting offers a long list of benefits when compared to DIY. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, outdoor lighting is ALL we do. The benefit of that fact cannot be over-stated.

Day in and day out for years we are installing outdoor lighting systems. The sheer volume and variety of fixtures and systems we install provide us with a breadth of experience that leads to the most intelligent lighting design and avoidance of common issues.

One after-installation issue homeowners don’t plan for is the brightness of their new outdoor lighting. Light temperature (or brightness) of your outdoor lighting shouldn’t be an effort to reproduce full afternoon sunlight. Soft, subtle lighting is how to create a tranquil and enjoyable outdoor living space.

Dim those Festive String Lights

Dim those Festive String LightsOutdoor string lighting is currently a popular DIY project. And while hiring the pros offers benefits like the best quality lights, designer installation, custom length, and a two-year warranty – it also gets you the right amount of light for the space.

Off the shelf overhead string lights come in pre-measured one-size fits all length and brightness. The brightness of those lamps may be perfect for outdoor dining at night, but what about after dinner?

Do they startle your neighbors? Infringing on their quiet evening in the backyard?

Do they contradict the gorgeous glow of your fire pit flames?

string lightingDo they compete with your old security flood light?

Do they block out a possibility for stargazing?

They shouldn’t. Festive overhead string lighting should be just that. Festive. When you hire the pros at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, your string lights will be installed with a dimmer. The versatility of having a dimmer will allow you to turn them up for task lighting if needed, and down for the rest of the evening.

Customized Outdoor Lighting Designs

Our team will also design your space to have just the right number of lights for the size and goals. If you buy from the big box store, chances are you will have to choose between too many or too few lights and most homeowner go with too many. Too many overhead string lights, can add to the too-bright results as previously mentioned.

Enjoy Wilmington outdoor lighting done right by hiring the professionals from beginning to end. We’ll design, install and service your lights for years of nighttime enjoyment. Call today.