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Wilmington Orb Lighting: Rustic Grapevine Outdoor Lighting Enhances Outdoor Nighttime Fun

Customized outdoor lighting means awesome new ideas that catch on fast, like grapevine orb lighting for your trees!

Are you looking for something fun and unique for your Wilmington outdoor lighting design? Adding character to your landscape doesn’t have to require purchasing a mass-produced item from a big box store that will swiftly phase-out of style. Choose something fun and unique, but also sophisticated, charming, and ultimately, timeless.

Grapevine Outdoor Hanging Lights

We’ve experienced an increase in demand for “orb lighting.”

What is orb lighting?

The moniker most accurately describes what the lights look like in the dark. They appear to be round, glowing orbs of light – usually hanging from a tree.

However, our clients are referring to custom grapevine spheres wrapped in mini LED lights. The results are amusing. During the day, the grapevine and green wire are nicely camouflaged in your foliage for no real impact on your daytime view. However, if someone does happen to look up, they will see a neutral rustic decoration that barely catches their attention.

Ideas for Outdoor Grapevine Lights

Our clients’ most requested location for grapevine orb lighting is in their trees. More specifically, Oak trees. Southern Live Oaks are spectacular with these charming additions that softly illuminate the branches—drawing your eyes up through all the twists and turns of the classic Southern giant.

Stretching these lights over a patio or deck transforms it into instant fun. Take your outdoor living area from drab to fab with a unique twist on overhead string lights.

Porch and pergola roofs are perfect for hanging light fixtures. Rather than go with a stuffy chandelier – make the outdoors outdoorsy again with spectacular custom grapevine balls.

Creative Uses for Illuminated Grapevine Balls

Wilmington Orb Lighting: Rustic Grapevine Outdoor Lighting Enhances Outdoor Nighttime FunGrapevine LED lights can be utilized as a wall-mounted decoration too! If you have a large wall to cover on the side of a shed or the outside wall of your home, you’ll adore this idea as it can be adjusted to fill the space. Hang a decorative empty picture frame or just a single horizontal piece of trim or rustic wood. Tie grapevine balls with varying lengths of twine to hang down and fill the area.

Outdoor kitchens and bars don’t always have the super functional pendant lighting an indoor countertop would feature. Grapevine ball lights take the indoors out when you hang them over your outdoor kitchen, just like a pendant.

Honestly, we could go on like this all day long. These fun lights are just picking up momentum and are utilized in so many interesting ways. If you’d like these custom outdoor lights created for you and installed with your outdoor lighting system, call the experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today.