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Porch Lighting Ideas to Maximize Outdoor Living Delight

While droves of tourists flock to our beautiful beaches from Memorial Day through Labor Day, there is nothing quite like Fall on the North Carolina Coast. It’s apple weather, sweater weather, wrap yourself in a blanket, and sit on the porch at night weather! Did I mention it is also campfire weather? All of that, and you can still run out into the Atlantic on a sunny afternoon and enjoy the beach life. The only challenge. The sunsets earlier each day – requiring a bit of outdoor lighting to maximize the delight. Have you considered your best porch lighting options?

Wilmington Porch Lighting Ideas

Porch lightsEnhancing your porch (front porch or back porch) with professional outdoor lighting is an excellent way to set the stage for amazing fall nights outdoors. Consider these three excellent ideas for your porch.

Sconce Lighting

You may not think of sconces as outdoor lighting, but there are a variety of options that are perfect for outdoor use. Our LED sconces work well to shine light both up and down a column with a decorative touch. We can help you find the perfect sconce for your porch columns, whether that is your southern front porch, inside a screened porch, on pillars for your covered patio, or the posts of your pergola.

String Lighting in Your Rafters

We can’t overstate how popular LED string lighting is for outdoor entertaining and enjoyment. This popularity continues to grow every day. You might think these lights are for open areas over patios, decks, fire pits, or swimming pools. However, string lights are a perfect accent for porches. Our expert lighting team will create

Column lightsColumn Lights

One of our favorite lighting techniques for porches is to uplight the porch columns. Much like our popular wall wash lighting, this technique highlights the color and texture of the porch columns. At the same time, the porch benefits from subtle accent lighting to make the space functional for nighttime use.

Choosing the Right Porch Lighting for You

We’ve mentioned just three porch lighting ideas above, but there are numerous options our team can customize for you. With an outdoor lighting design expert on your side, we’ll create a porch lighting design that meets your functional requirements and aesthetic desires. Some of those options may include task lighting, pendant lighting, tray lights, and more.

If you’re ready to explore options for illuminating your porch, gazebo, pergola, or other roof structure, call our team today. We’ll schedule a free design consultation and nighttime demonstration to show you how professional outdoor lighting can transform your outdoor space.