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Sidestep Light Pollution While Still Enjoying Stunning Landscape Lighting at Your Home or Business

Light is a necessary part of human life. As we have graduated from candles to oil lamps to incandescent then Halogen and now LED, lighting has become that much easier and efficient to deploy. Lights provide increased productivity, improved education, and gave us the ability to safely travel after dark.

The functional benefits of lighting for humans are undeniable. By illuminating the dark of night, we’ve made ourselves safer, more secure, and more flexible. Along the way, floodlights and other bright outdoor lighting had become a normal endeavor. Light it up like the Vegas Strip. Right? Safe, secure, and BRIGHT!

Thankfully, in landscape lighting and outdoor lighting, the trend of more is more has shifted.

Improved technology in outdoor lighting has made way for previously over-lit landscapes to be more subtly illuminated. Instead of blinding security floodlights, home and business owners can now focus on well-designed outdoor lighting systems to add understated visibility to the areas where they need it and no more.

How to Achieve a Beautiful Minimalist Outdoor Lighting Look

Minimalist but still effective landscape lighting can be yours! With a professionally designed outdoor lighting system, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of light but still preserve the gorgeous night sky and ZERO Vegas Strip effect. How to achieve it:

Invest Now for Long-Term Value

If you buy cheap lights from your local big box, you’re going to regret it. Often one light in the set will quit working right away. They don’t have a warranty, they can be very bright, and they don’t last long if they work properly in the first place. Invest in solid copper or brass LED landscape lights for longevity and an awesome warranty.

landscape pathway lighting

Go High Tech with Easy Smart Switches and Timers

Use your lights less, automatically, with smart timers and switches. You can adjust lights on the fly from a smart device or rely on your settings to automatically turn them off when you don’t need them.

Choose Warmer Light Temperatures

Many lights at the big box stores feature a temperature of 3000+ Kelvin (K). This is nearing the harsher colder color range with a whiter hue. Lower temperatures are warmer, while higher is colder, whiter, and eventually bluer. To create a warm glow, we prefer to stick to 2700 K or less.

Focus Your Light on What You Need

Rather than a large floodlight illuminating your entire backyard, today’s landscape lighting was built to be more precise. When focused on paths, steps, handrails, outdoor living areas and your favorite trees, shrubs, and flowers, less is more. Your favorite features become a focal feature, and your property exudes a nighttime beauty that competes with the daytime charm.

Be Extra with Eco-Friendly, Turtle-Friendly with Down Lights

If you would like to go the extra mile to preserve the starry night sky and protect the migratory and reproduction habits of birds and turtles, downlighting is the way to go. Downlights aim down at the ground and often have a shield to keep their light source from being visible from above. Downlighting is an excellent outdoor lighting choice for those nearest the beach and nature preserves. Our team is well-versed in dark sky compliance, just ask.

If you hire an expert outdoor lighting company like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, you can count on achieving all of the above and more. Some property owners need brighter more dramatic lighting, some want the subtlety outlined above, and others want the option for both as needed.

Outdoor lighting is ALL we do. Our systems are top-notch, with excellent warranties and impeccable designs for achieving your lifestyle goals. With a wide variety of fixtures, techniques, and dimmers, you will get the exact outdoor lighting you need. Call today to request a free nighttime design demonstration.