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Goodbye. Adios. Au Revoir. Arrivederci. Send Summer Out with a Bang By Preparing your Property for Long Winter Nights with New Landscape Lighting

While the official end of summer isn’t until September 22, Labor Day marks the unofficial end of the summer travel season. It is a great reminder to assess your home and property to make sure you’re ready for the fall and winter months. Say “Sea ya next year” to summer by updating or installing landscape lighting before the nights become longer than the days.

Check out all the ideas below for how to get the most out of landscape lighting during the impending long nights of winter.

Wilmington Landscape Lighting Installation

If you don’t already have landscape lighting, NOW is the time. With beautiful fall nights ahead of us, it is the perfect time to be outdoors. The main obstacle is the early setting sun. So, give our team a call for a free landscape lighting demonstration, so we can make your outdoor living areas functional after sunset.

Upgrade Halogen Landscape Lights to LED Landscape Lights

If the benefits of outdoor lighting are old hat to you, then there is a chance you could be the lucky owner of a Halogen landscape lighting system. While fixing something that ain’t broke is not the Southern way, saving money is! Did you know LED landscape lights use as much as 80% less energy than Halogen? That is a savings you don’t want to miss. They also last about 10x longer before needing replacement! Call our team today and ask about our LED upgrades.

Enhance Your Nighttime Curb Appeal

You may have some backyard lighting such as deck, patio, or overhead string lights for nighttime gatherings, but have you considered the front of your home? Arriving home from work after dark is a staple of winter life in Wilmington. With expertly designed and installed LED landscape lighting along the front of your home, your sidewalk, driveway, and trees you can arrive home to safety, security, and warmth. Plus – it will look darn amazing to passersby too!

Skip the Christmas Light Hassle with RGB LED Outdoor Lighting

Do you love the glow and festivity of Christmas lights but wish it didn’t come with the lost day or weekend of installing and another lost day or weekend taking them down? Get yourself a two-for with RGB LED landscape lights! These color-changing landscape lights can be white whenever you want, but for the various holidays, choose your colors with a few touches in the phone application and call it a day! Can you imagine holiday lighting done with just a few taps on your phone? Shoot, you can get that done while waiting for your order to come out in the drive-thru!

If you’re trying to decide what your property could use for landscape lighting this fall and winter, call our expert team today to schedule a free design consultation. While there are many sad feelings about summer making its grand exit, we are looking forward to seeing all those gorgeous lighting systems on during the longer nights of winter. By summer! Sea you reel soon.