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What are Outdoor Illumination Lights?

According to, “illumination” as a noun means “an act or instance of illuminating.” The verb form, illuminating, means “to supply or brighten with light; light up.”

So, as you can see, the often-searched terms “outdoor illumination,” “illumination lighting,” and “outdoor illumination lights” are simply different ways of saying outdoor lighting.

All of that being said, a few lighting manufacturers and service providers have chosen to brand themselves, products, or services as illumination lights. This is their marketing department. No specific features or offerings make their lights or services more accurately “illumination” rather than “lighting.”

What Makes for the Best Outdoor Illumination?

The Awe Factor

When the lights go on, or you drive up after dark, if you can’t control a breathy “wow” from slipping out of your lips, the lights are just right!

A Perfect Vibe

While spending time outdoors after dark, the best outdoor illumination should provide the backdrop to outdoor illumination lightingyour life. Calm and relaxing, romantic and intimate, or fun and festive for entertaining. An excellent system can achieve all of this and more as needed.

Enhanced Functionality

Excellent outdoor living doesn’t just happen. Property owners invest in creating amazing spaces. Adding outdoor lighting should allow you to maximize the functionality of your favorite outdoor areas after dark.

How to Achieve the Best Outdoor Illumination

Excellent Design

Fixture choices and placements should not be arbitrary. An expert, customized lighting design to fit your property’s unique features is vital.

Top-Quality, Durable Fixtures

Plastic, cheap fixtures will disappoint you. Make sure to choose reliable, top-quality fixtures that will last for decades.

Consistent Light Color

Part of choosing the best landscape lighting fixtures is making sure they feature reliable LED lamps with accurate and consistent temperatures and color.

All the factors mentioned above are what you will experience after Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington installs your new landscape lighting system. The expert installation is critical to achieving the final results that transform your property. If you’re ready to enhance your home or business with the best outdoor illumination, call our team today to schedule a design consultation.