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Five Evening Outdoor Activities for Enjoying Every Minute of Fall's Beloved Sweater Weather

Gorgeous, professional landscape lighting is fantastic every night, all year long. However, there is something remarkable about fall's earlier setting sun. Add to it the cooling temperatures, and you have yourself a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the outdoors without being too hot or too cold. If you're eager to spend as many autumn evenings outdoors as possible, consider these ideas for evening outdoor fun!

Yard Games After Dark

Cornhole, horseshoes, and other yard games don't have to stop just because the sun goes down. While you could invest in glow-in-the-dark or illuminated versions of your favorite game, we have a better idea. You already have your favorite bags and shoes, so an illuminated play area could serve your backyard Olympics better. No need to replace all your games. Let our team illuminate the area, and you can make every outdoor game work anytime, day or night.

Game Night on the Patio or Deck

Spades, hearts, poker, or classic board games like Yahtzee don't have to be relegated to cold or rainy indoor days. Take your favorite games out on the deck or patio. Add customized outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, and the deck or patio can become your favorite game night location!

Outdoor fire pit with lighting Fun Around the Fire

What is sweater weather for if not for huddling around a campfire? Unplug and enjoy hours of catching up with friends. Don't leave the kids indoors. Entice them out with creative s'mores. Skip the Hershey's chocolate and try making smores with your favorite candy bar, such as Reese's, Milky Way, the only limit is your imagination. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we offer creative ways to illuminate the area around your fire pit, with landscape lights and hardscape lights for visibility without impacting the calm vibe.

Take Your Evening Relaxation Outdoors

If your backyard features an outdoor room such as a covered porch, screened porch or pergola, it provides the perfect evening retreat every weeknight. Once the weather begins to cool, fall TV show make their premieres, and professional and college sports resume. Don't choose between the gorgeous fall weather, our favorite show, or the big game. Get that outdoor TV hooked up and enjoy every evening out in the fresh night air.

Dinner for Two

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we pride ourselves on providing flexible outdoor lighting to fit any mood or event. Spending time outdoors in the gorgeous autumn air is a perfect way to reconnect with your love. With the right preparation, your backyard can become a romantic getaway for weekend date nights at home. Cook or order in your favorite dish, grab your favorite person and let the gorgeous night sky carry you away and back into each other's arms.

Call our team today if you'd like to update your backyard to make it ready for gorgeous fall evenings of outdoor fun. We offer a free nighttime demonstration so you can know exactly how our customized landscape lighting designs can transform your outdoor living spaces.