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What Kind of Warranty Does Your Landscape Lighting Have?

You’ve chosen to enhance your home or property with landscape lighting. Whether it is DIY or professionally installed, do you happen to know what kind of warranty your system has? A crucial factor in choosing a landscape lighting system is the warranty. No one wants to deal with re-doing a home improvement project every two years because of subpar or defective products installed by a business with no commitment to quality.

Other Landscape Lighting Installers

Few landscape lighting installers are focused on only lighting. Most, in fact, are landscapers, irrigation technicians, or electricians. Without expertise in lighting, they may offer different lighting options of varying qualities to meet your budget desires. These lower-quality lights won’t last. But even worse, the installation company won’t provide service, and the manufacturer probably offers a one-year warranty at best.

Big Box DIY Lights

There is a booming industry around DIY home improvement. Homeowners across the nation love tackling small projects. This trend certainly applies to outdoor and landscape lighting. However, the lights at the big box stores range in quality from the lowest to builder grade or mid-grade at best. They provide extremely limited warranties that can be accidentally voided or difficult to claim if needed.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Industry Leading Warranty

Tree lit with outdoor lighting next to water featureAt Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we offer an incredible warranty program that promotes regular service. We can confidently back up our dedication to quality because our fixtures are commercial-grade brass or copper for incredible durability.

Our limited lifetime warranty covers:

  • Transformer(s)
  • Brass and/or copper fixtures
  • Brass, heavy-duty glass covers
  • Low-voltage wire
  • LED bulbs

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Dedication to Service

Landscape lighting is a complex electrical system. It is NOT a “set-it-and-forget-it” display. With many factors such as weather, erosion, plant growth, and more, a lighting system needs a regular check-up. Our Shine 365 service programs provide an annual quality check of your system. These checks keep your lighting design looking wonderful while addressing any operational hiccups.

The annual service check allows us to provide that lifetime warranty on many of the components of our system. Maintaining a system properly is a much more affordable strategy than leaving it neglected and paying more to fix a compounding problem.

If you’re considering landscape lighting, choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington. Outdoor lighting is all we do. From expert design, premium installation, ongoing service, and a limited lifetime warranty, there is no other choice. Call today to request a design consultation.