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How to Read Your Landscape Lighting Quotes

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we don't compromise. Outdoor lighting is ALL we do. To do it well, we are focused on bringing you customized designs, meticulous installation, and the best LED outdoor lighting available.

For most home improvement projects, property owners get multiple estimates before making a decision. We understand that, and we do have others offering landscape lighting on the North Carolina coast. We are a competitive bunch here, so we thrive on the existence of our counterparts. We, however, want to be clear about the differences between us and them, so that when you do read those estimates you make apples-to-apples comparisons.

We encourage you not to make your purchase on price alone. Consider that all landscape lighting systems are NOT the same and that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives' systems are installed to last a lifetime. Here are some important considerations, beyond price, when reading your estimates and making your final decision:

Fixture Quality

Our premium commercial-grade fixtures are solid brass or copper with lifetime warranties, built to patina beautifully, and withstand the weather. Theirs are powder-coated aluminum or even plastic.

Quantity of Fixtures

Read your quote carefully. Our average residential installation features 10-15 lights. For the competition to beat our price, they often will quote a homeowner for fewer lights that will leave glaring dark spots on the property.

Quality of Bulbs

Our bulbs are premium quality for crisp, clean, consistent color and have a limited lifetime warranty. Theirs are lower quality LED that can be blue or inconsistent from light to light.

Light Placement

Lighting is ALL WE DO. Our team not only custom designs every lighting system but at installation, we meticulously adjust lighting placement to make sure the final result is pristine. Their lighting placement follows a basic template that is applied the same to every property.

Superior Design

Our landscape lighting systems are custom designed for every property. There is no one-size-fits-all. Each feature of your property deserves the right lighting technique to highlight its best features. Theirs are one size fits all.

Type of Connections

Our water-tight connections will last a lifetime. Their quick connect typically begins to fail in years 2-3 causing lights to dim or go out altogether.


Our limited lifetime warranty covers fixtures, wires, transformers, and LED bulbs. They usually do not have a warranty.


A man outdoors working on lightingOutdoor Lighting Perspectives is fully insured for your peace of mind. They may have insurance for their lawn mowing business, but does it apply to their lighting?

Ongoing Service

After your lighting installation is complete, we are available for repairs, services, and adjustments. Plus, we offer an excellent ongoing service program. They only install lights, often as an add-on to their main vertical, and don't have the talent or expertise to service their own installations.


We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and will be here for every question before, during, and after your lighting installation. They won't answer the phone very often, if ever, and once your lights are installed and the check is cashed, you'll struggle to ever get in touch with them again.

It is vital to know all these things when you sit down at the kitchen table with multiple quotes to compare. Please make sure that the scope of the estimate is the same and that all labor and parts are included in that final price.

If you’re ready to experience the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Difference, call today to schedule your free design consultation and nighttime demonstration.