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How to Incorporate Outdoor Lighting into Your Favorite Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor lighting is an essential aspect of adding safety, security, and nighttime visibility to your property. But, professionally designed outdoor lighting systems provide a unique opportunity to complement and enhance your favorite outdoor living spaces and décor. While the aforementioned functionality is important to truly get the most out of your outdoor lighting, it should absolutely achieve the latter. If you’re considering adding outdoor lighting, we urge you to explore the ways you can incorporate outdoor lighting into your favorite outdoor spaces and features.

Tree Lighting

Trees are an exceptional focal point for outdoor lighting. Whether you’ve planted new ornamental trees or would like to draw attention to a 100-year-old Magnolia, we have the perfect lighting technique. For large trees, we anchor your lighting design with tree uplighting to show off the height. For smaller decorative trees such as Japanese Maples, we’ll create custom shadows and intrigue throughout their unique canopies.

Palm Tree Lighting

Palm tree lighting is so beloved that we have to address it specifically. Our clients love the idea of wrapping commercial-grade string lights around their palms. However, we offer additional customized techniques that create tropical magic. Palm trees feature gorgeous trunks and signature fronds that are perfectly accented by an expertly installed and positioned uplight.

Pergola Lighting

Pergolas, porch roofs, and other shade structures are often the centerpiece of the most beloved outdoor living spaces. In the south, shade is required for comfort and to extend functionality in the hottest months of the year. Your pergola or porch roof provides the perfect focus for any outdoor lighting system. From task lighting hanging from the ceiling, uplighting on vertical posts, string lighting in the rafters, and more, we’ll create a custom outdoor lighting design for your needs.

Outdoor Décor Lighting

What special decorations are part of your outdoor spaces? Do you have a beloved sculpture? How about a welcome sign? Maybe you have a beloved American flag or a seasonal garden flag. In all of those cases, we would design the perfect focal lighting for nighttime adornment.

From swimming pools to outdoor kitchens, decks, patios, hot tubs, and outdoor bars, no matter how you’ve decked out your outdoor living spaces, we have the lights. While you might be trying to figure out how you can accent your space with lights, you could just leave it to us. Our professional outdoor lighting designers and expert installation crew offer years of experience to inform you of all the best options for your property. Call today to request a free design consultation and nighttime demonstration.