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Top 10 Benefits of Permanent Outdoor Lighting Systems

There are many more outdoor lighting options than the average consumer may realize. Most understand they can hire a professional or DIY it. However, many do not know the varying types of landscape lights. Did you know some are built for permanent installation while others are lucky to make it through a season? Most of the lights available at a big box store cannot withstand extreme weather patterns, leaving you rushing to take lights down if stormy or winter weather blows in.

Weatherproof Outdoor Lighting

If water can get into your light, the freeze/thaw cycle that occurs overnight during winter can damage your lights. This is especially the case with plastic solar path lights (read more about the problem with solar landscape lighting) and string lights.

Those big-box lights may have a water seal and may claim to be weatherproof. However, their seal quality is inferior to our premium LED outdoor lights. Their seal can fail within one or two seasons.

The best way to avoid these challenges is to take down and store these lights during the coldest months of the year. And when extreme weather is approaching.

Does that sound like a pain?

Taking lights down is not ideal during the months when the night is the longest.

Permanent Outdoor Lighting Systemsoutdoor lighting along walkway to front door

For true permanence, it is essential to hire expert outdoor lighting technicians. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we are the real deal.

Our LED outdoor lights are premium quality. They offer consistent lighting color and temperature for the best-looking lighting available. They are correctly sealed, so the weather will not get in. An excellent warranty even backs them, so you can rest easy.

Additionally, permanent outdoor lighting has the benefit of being hard-wired to a dedicated transformer. Solar and battery-powered lights cannot get consistent power. This change in energy can create varying light colors and could even leave you in the dark. They also are more susceptible to other performance failures.

Everyday Benefits of Permanent Outdoor Lighting

The benefits of a permanent, custom outdoor lighting system are plentiful. They offer consistent performance for year-round lighting exactly when and where you need it. Premium outdoor lights offer excellent integration options for smart homes, smart devices, and automatic dusk until dawn timer. You just can’t get that with big-box lights that will underperform and have a short life.

Call today if you’re ready for gorgeous, permanent outdoor lighting at your home or business. We start with a design consultation so you can genuinely see the difference.