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Heaven is a Place on Earth with Color-Changing Palm Tree Lighting at Highest Praise Church in Shallotte

Outdoor string lightsAt the Highest Praise worship center in Shallotte, the joy of the congregation is reflected in the beauty of the property. The well-appointed church features gorgeous Palm Trees and shrubbery lining the parking lot and entryways. The manicured grounds and the building itself have recently received an extra helping hand for nighttime beauty and celebration. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington only just installed a color-changing LED outdoor lighting system. Easily controlled from a smartphone, the church, which also hosts a school, can change the color scheme on their wall wash lights and palm tree lights to fit any occasion.

Outdoor Church Lighting Installation

Forty-two color-changing outdoor LED lights have transformed this gorgeous church at night. While the daytime beauty of the facility is undeniable, nighttime left the exquisite Palms and building dark and dreary.

Our team was thrilled to have such a gorgeous canvas to illuminate.

We added tree lighting to 32 Palm trees. Each one can feature any color – all with a few touches on a smartphone.

An additional ten lights illuminate the building, including the name of the church.

Commercial outdoor color changing lights

With all forty-two lights, the church can customize a color combination for every holiday and event. How would you like pink and purple for Easter? Traditional red and green for Christmas. They even play host to large-scale Christian concerts and could choose the lighting colors to match the performer’s memorabilia or album cover.

Outdoor School Lighting Installation

Big homecoming game? Graduation day? Other school event? Color-changing outdoor lighting is a natural solution for the array of activities at a school.

While we’ve illuminated a number of churches over the years, public schools don’t generally have wiggle room in their maintenance budget for decorative outdoor lighting. However, at Highest Praise, the facilities are shared between the church and the school – giving them a wonderful two-for-one when they chose RGB LED color-changing outdoor lights.

Think of all the ways a school can enhance its activities, celebrations, and events with customized color schemes to illuminate the building. School colors for sporting events and homecoming. Specially chosen colors to match themes for dances, fundraisers, and more. The sky is the limit with color-changing lighting.

Outdoor color changigng lights

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we are the experts in all things outdoor lighting. From large-scale commercial jobs like Highest Praise to everyday residential projects, our team is the only choice for Wilmington outdoor lighting installation. Call today to schedule a design demonstration for your business, church, school, or home!