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How Can LED Outdoor Lighting Systems Boost Your Home Value?

There are many reasons to add an LED outdoor lighting system to your home, but one not often considered is that it boosts your home’s value. Though most use lighting for safety and security, lighting key elements of your property can turn your home into a work of art in the evening hours.

Dazzle Sellers with a Professionally Installed LED Outdoor Lighting System

If you are planning on selling your home, you’ll want to invest some money to increase the value of the final sale price. Everything you do, from home improvements to landscaping, adds to the beauty of your residence. Let your exterior improvements shine with professionally installed exterior lighting. This boosts your home value by adding curb appeal to your property with various features like dimmable or color-changing lights. LED outdoor lighting fixtures from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives® are not only attractive, but they also don’t produce the stark white or blue color that most LEDs emit.

Add Smart Technology to Your Lighting

Smart technology has rapidly grown in the last few years. Every additional feature in your home that can be connected to Amazon Alexa or Google Home adds a nice boost to its value as it is a major selling point for prospective buyers. Adding smart Wifi controls to your exterior lighting and utilizing smart plugs for additional customizations can help transform outdoor lighting. Think ahead with smart connections and surprise new buyers with an astonishing lighting display.

Safety and Security

External lighting is added primarily to allow you to safely traverse your property and add security by lighting key entry points to deter unwanted visitors. Pathway lighting, pool lighting, and deck or porch lighting all bring added value to your property and your peace of mind. The design professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives® of Wilmington will proudly provide a tailored lighting design for your home. Once approved, your design will be installed by certified lighting technicians to ensure that everything is perfectly in place.

Light Up the Night with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives® of Wilmington

Looking to boost the value of your home? Don’t wait; add an LED outdoor lighting system for maximum value. Call our team today to schedule a free design consultation and nighttime demonstration. We look forward to working with you.