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How to Plan your Outdoor Lighting Around Your Lifestyle

Lighting design is an art and a science. Like any science, accurate information is crucial to achieving the best results. A great lighting designer offers expertise in technique and creativity. However, the final design could fall short of expectations without your input. We encourage homeowners to carefully consider their lifestyle. We can then design their landscape lighting systems around how each outdoor area is most often used and its occasional use.

What should you ponder in regard to your lifestyle and outdoor lighting?

When you hire Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, you don't have to decide for yourself. Our team can help guide you through your property's various options and opportunities. However, it might be helpful to do a little pre-planning before we meet so you already have a sense of some of your needs and wants. Follow this step-by-step plan so you can come to the table with a few ideas already on hand:

Step One: Spend some time as you usually would in your outdoor living spaces after sunset. Make a note of areas that are too dark, too bright, or rendered useless without sunlight. Don't stop with your own use of the space. If you have pets, consider how lighting could help with their safety at night.

Step Two: Consider how you utilize the same outdoor living spaces when you entertain friends and family. Is there a beloved activity that has to end once the sun goes down? Is there an area your friends and family love to hang out, but it could use some subtle ambiance or gentle visibility? What about your swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, or sitting area? Are there the right lighting options for both tasks and hanging out together?

Step Three: Walk around your entire property after dark. Are there any extremely dark areas? Are any of these areas difficult to navigate due topathway lighting darkness? Are any pathways or stairs often traversed after dark that could use lighting for safety, security, and reduced liabilities? Look at your landscape features such as trees, flowers, shrubbery, and accents like statues, fountains, fencing, and outbuildings. The unique features of your landscape are your pride and joy. Consider which of these should be lit for nighttime enhancement and which should be illuminated for functional purposes.

Step Four: What do you want? Lighting is not ONLY for function. In fact, most people's first priority in adding outdoor lighting is for its beauty. Lighting creates a scene, a setting, an atmosphere, and a mood. Think about lighting types and the mood you want to set. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we have classic, contemporary, and fun lighting options to fit your personality and style. In addition to classic focal lights and path lights, consider overhead string lights, color-changing LED, orb/sphere lights, grapevine lights, and decorative bollard lighting.

Step Five: Take some notes on all four items above, then call our team for a complimentary design consultation and nighttime demonstration. Our team will help provide the lighting options to meet your needs, ask you the right questions to ensure every detail is considered, and handle all the details of design and installation for you!

If you're ready to enhance your property at night. Call the outdoor lighting design and installation experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today! We look forward to working with you.