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Professional Buford Outdoor Lighting System Transforms a Dark, Secluded Property into a Tranquil, Private Retreat

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Atlanta Northeast is the Best Choice for Landscape Lighting for New Construction Homes and Estates

Making a new construction house feel like home is as much about the outdoors as the indoor spaces. The opportunities for added personality are aplenty, from large projects like patios and decks to landscaping and accessories. It is crucial to illuminate your new charming outdoor features at night with customized Buford outdoor lighting from the pros at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Atlanta Northeast. These new homeowners trusted us to do just that, and the results speak for construction outdoor lighting

“It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars.” – Richard Evans

By adding landscape lighting and exterior home lighting to your property, you not only increase safety and security for comfort at your new residence, but you also emphasize personal touches. These homeowners requested their new construction home’s attractive architectural features shine at night. They also wished to illuminate their beautiful garden beds, the American Flag, and the large, dark, wooded backyard for additional safety and function after dark. Check out how we accomplished the dynamic outdoor lighting scene pictured above.

curb appeal outdoor lighting

pathlights professionally installedFront Yard & Curb Appeal Outdoor Lighting

Especially during the winter months, front yards and curb appeal are an important focal point for outdoor lighting design. By illuminating the home, driveway, walkways, and landscaping out front, the homeowners achieve a welcoming warmth for after-dark arrivals and departures.

For this Buford outdoor lighting project, we installed Boca uplights at the base of the home to highlight the gorgeous brick exterior. Additionally, we crafted a customized solution for gutter-mounted lights. The gutters feature popular gutter guards, requiring a specialized outdoor lighting installation technique to highlight second-story architectural features. With pathway lighting in flowerbeds, we created striking nighttime curb appeal for this cul-de-sac home.

Pushing Back Extreme Darkness

The expansive backyard features both a large lawn and a lovely wooded area. The private lot and wooded backyard create an incredibly dark property after sunset. Pushing back the darkness is what we do! In this backyard, we installed an outdoor lighting transformer in the shed to power both the shed and the stunning tree lighting. By uplighting the majestic, large White Oak trees, we achieved a subtle glow on the lawn. We also added some downlights to illuminate the dark wooded area. The outdoor lighting design adds function without destroying the peace and tranquility of an evening under the stars in this secluded backyard.

white oak tree lighting and outdoor downlighting

Buford Flagpole Lighting & Landscape Lighting

Added landscape accessories such as statues, fountains, signs, and flags are a perfect way to highlight your sense of style and priorities. This Buford home features a lovely front yard garden bed containing shrubbery, flowers, decorative boulders, and a full-size flagpole featuring the American Flag. With three Boca uplights, we made sure the stars and stripes shine from every angle. At the same time, the greenery and flowers enjoy subtle path light illumination as well – a lovely juxtaposition to the height of the flagpole.

We also installed path lights in the flowerbeds near the house, along the side of the driveway, and near the patio. We paid special attention to a modern, tranquil water feature with spotlights.

landscape lighting spotlighting

Part of what makes Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Atlanta Northeast a cut above the rest, is our attention to the details that will make your home and property work best for YOU. Some of these details are about function, while others are about projecting your personality at night. No matter what personal touches make your house a home, our team can highlight them for nighttime focus and beauty.

If your home and property could become more functional, safe, secure, and beautiful after dark – call our team today for an outdoor lighting design consultation.