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Sugarloaf Outdoor Lighting Installation Highlights the Classic Elegance of This Charming Home & Backyard Sanctuary

This elegant property in Sugarloaf Country Club shines at night with a brand new, custom-designed LED outdoor lighting system. Our expert lighting technicians created a brilliant design to highlight this property’s gorgeous features. We added understated nighttime curb appeal with meticulously chosen light fixtures and techniques and functionality for the tranquil nighttime scene in the garden around back. For luxurious nighttime beauty, safety, security, and pure outdoor joy choosing the professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Atlanta Northeast was the right choice. Check out how we did it.

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Neoclassical Architecture Steals the Show

One of the most noticeable differences between a professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting system versus a do-it-yourself is the focus. Our expert lighting designers and technicians work diligently to ensure that the outdoor light fixture blends in with its surroundings, drawing attention to the illuminated item.

This Sugarloaf homeowner had a specific request for us to take that effort one step further. To be sure the path lights in front of the home would not be seen, we deployed unique eyelid fixtures in place of our popular solid-brass path lights. Eyelid fixtures lay almost flush with the ground, and light washes out across the walkway from one half of the fixture. This is a fabulous option for keeping a low-profile for your landscape lighting.

Our team installed the low-profile, eyelid path lights along the landscape and pathways in the front yard and between the east and west wings of the home.

The outstanding result of these hidden fixtures is that the first impression for a nighttime visitor is focused 100% on the beautiful home itself. Our uplights on the Georgian columns, windows, and eaves draw the eye to the most charming architectural features. From the impressive porticos of the dual entrances to the widow’s walk balconies – every charming detail shines at night.

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Cheerful Courtyard From Top to Bottom

The courtyard features numerous brick columns, which became a perfect focal point for uplights. By illuminating these features along the perimeter, the entire courtyard enjoys a subtle glow at night. However, for more sure footing on the stairway, we used downlights to ensure each step could be navigated safely no matter how dark the night becomes.

Backyard Bliss After Sunset

For a fully functional outdoor lighting system, it is essential to illuminate the in-between areas. Before entering the magical backyard garden, these homeowners can count on a beautifully illuminated pathway to guide them around. For the sides of the home, we installed classic path lights as well as uplights and downlights to create an overall seamless design and ensure dimension in the final aesthetics.

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Customized Garden Lighting

The intricate garden at this Sugarloaf home is a sight to behold. It would be a shame to let darkness hide its beauty each night. Our team customized a lighting plan to match the space's character with a soft glow and subtle shadows for a magical nighttime scene.

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We lined the natural stone stairways with path lights for visibility. To create height and depth, we installed uplights on the columns around the swimming pool. But, the real magic takes hold around the expansive water feature. With gorgeous stone surrounds, luscious green aquatic plants, three waterfalls, two streams, a charming garden footbridge, and countless trees, we had a perfect canvas. With a combination of path lights along the water’s edge, uplights on the majestic trees, and underwater lights to highlight the waterfalls and vegetation, this lovely water garden becomes a serene playland after sunset.

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The variety of visions and goals from the client, combined with our expert lighting design techniques, this one-of-a-kind outdoor lighting system is the stuff dreams are made of. The final project included a total of 185 lights, and the homeowners couldn’t be more pleased. By creating a true backyard retreat, these homeowners will have a hard time being convinced ever to leave.

From complex gardens, pathways, landscapes, and architectural features, to specific requests for unique fixtures, our team nailed this project. We love creating customized landscape lighting designs for the most beautiful homes and properties in Duluth and all of Northeast Atlanta. If you’d like to explore the possibilities for your home and landscape, give us a call today for a design consultation. We look forward to working with you.