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Does Spring Fever Have You Itching to Get the Yard Ready? Start with Landscape Lighting Installation…

Jumpstart Your Landscape Lighting Installation

landscape renovations With warmer days on the horizon, you might see a wildflower and wonder if it’s too early to get started on your yard for spring. Whether you’re looking to give your yard a complete renovation or just clean it up with some landscaping, if landscape lighting installation is on your to-do list, you should take care of it first.

Landscape Lighting Installation Before Landscaping

When you hire Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to install outdoor lighting at your home, we can work hand in hand with your landscapers to ensure the lighting placement is just right. We can start your installation before the landscaping work gets done and then finish it once the landscaping is complete. This allows us to hide wires while the yard is still dug up, preventing your yard from being trampled repeatedly. When we work with your landscape designer, we can also coordinate the best installation times during the landscaping process.

Landscape Lighting for SpringAtlanta landscape lighting installation during landscape renovation

If landscape lighting installation is on your horizon, it’s a good idea to explore the different lighting possibilities for your yard. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers several different Atlanta landscape lighting ideas to accentuate your yard’s best features including:

Flower Lighting

One of the earliest signs of spring are flowers blooming. Although they are quite the sight to see during the day, wouldn’t you love to experience their glory at night? With flower lighting, we can help the gorgeous flowers in your yard explode with color even during the darkest hours of the night.


Although flowers and trees usually get the most attention, adding illumination to your shrubbery can provide the perfect backdrop for your blooming flowers to pop. They also provide a great foundation for starting your Atlanta landscape lighting.

Tree Lighting

Accentuate the beautiful trees of your yard with tree lighting. As your trees bloom throughout spring, tree uplighting can help your trees glow throughout the night. Tree lighting emits depth and unique shadows throughout your yard.

Path Lighting

Make every walk through your yard memorable with pathway lighting. Not only does it make it easier to see at night, but it makes walking at night a magical experience.

Beat the last of the winter blues away by starting today on your landscape renovation plans. Call our team today to schedule a lighting design consultation.