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The Best North Atlanta Landscape Lighting for Your Outdoor Kitchen and Entertaining Space

Could You Benefit From Outdoor Kitchen Lighting?

If your home has an outdoor kitchen and you don’t use it past nightfall, outdoor kitchen lighting might be the simple home improvement your home needs to get more use out of your outdoor living space. Just like it’s important to choose the right interior lighting for your home, it’s just as important to choose exterior lighting that best suits your outdoor space. With the right lighting fixtures and design, your outdoor kitchen and entertaining space might become your new favorite area to spend evenings.

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Options Duluth, Georgia outdoor kitchen lighting- patio

Although every outdoor kitchen is different, there are plenty of outdoor kitchen lighting options to choose from. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Atlanta Northeast can provide you with lighting that gives you enough light to cook a steak to your liking, socialize with friends, and enjoy the night without feeling it’s too dark. Some of our most popular outdoor kitchen lighting options include:

Pendant Lighting – Pendant lights come in a variety of designs, styles, and sizes. They’re perfect for hanging over a bar, island, or serving area outside your home.

Spotlights – Cooking in the dark is a one-way ticket to under or overcooking your food. Spotlights placed near a grill will give you the perfect amount of light to keep an eye on your food while also producing enough light to feel comfortable hanging out outside.

Hardscape Lighting – For warm summer nights in Atlanta, ambient lighting provided by under-counter hardscape lights is perfect for enjoying the stars without tripping around the outdoor kitchen.

Other Atlanta Outdoor Lighting Options

Not only can we install lighting in your outdoor kitchen and entertaining space, but also surrounding it. With options like landscape lighting and pathway lighting, we can illuminate your entire yard at night. Landscape lighting can draw attention to your beautiful landscape by adding lights to gardens, trees, bushes, and shrubs. With pathway lighting, your yard will also feel safe to walk through at night and help guests feel even more welcome.

Landscape Lighting Installation

If you’re ready to illuminate your outdoor kitchen and entertaining space and the rest of your yard, our landscape lighting installation is easy as a breeze. After we decide on a design, our landscape lighting installation will begin. Once our installers finish, you will have an opportunity to see a nighttime demonstration. During the demonstration, you can make changes to your design before we finalize the installation. In just a few steps, you will have a beautiful and well-lit outdoor kitchen and entertainment space to enjoy every night!

You’ve invested in top-notch outdoor living spaces; now it is time to maximize the enjoyment with outdoor lighting. Call our team today to schedule a lighting design consultation.