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When To Hire Outdoor Lighting Professionals for Your Backyard Improvement Project

Are you planning a significant backyard improvement project? Home improvement projects of every kind currently feature longer lead times and some material delays. This means you can be in the planning and waiting phase for some time. Whether it is a swimming pool installation, a new deck, patio, screened porch, or landscape design, we’d like to help you make sure all your ducks are in a row so that when the project is complete, your space is ready to enjoy both day and night. To accomplish this, we urge you to call our team for a design consultation as early as possible. We are happy to work with your other contractors to install conduits, wires, and set you up for simultaneous installations.

There are many benefits to involving us early in your outdoor living project. If you still need convincing, check out these awesome points:


Our design team can plan the best landscape lighting design in conjunction with your other services. This early design work means we have more options for special orders, placement of lights, and opportunities to adjust other portions of your backyard design.


We work extremely closely with many home service providers. From landscapers to irrigation companies, we are excellent team players. When you include us in your project from the beginning, we will plan some of our lighting prep work to coordinate with your other contractors. This allows us to set the stage for the best installation results.

Hire Outdoor Lighting Companies Before Backyard Construction Begins | Atlanta Outdoor Lighting


Some of our prep work will mean some pre-installation installation. For example, we may run conduits under where concrete or pavers will be placed. We may wire your deck lights before deck boards are installed on the joists. We may wire your outdoor kitchen before the stone façade and countertops are crafted.


Party? Yes, party. Because when we get involved with outdoor lighting early on, your project can be done when it is done. If you wait until after, you extend the amount of time your space is disrupted with installation. We are confident you will be eager enough for the project to be complete that you won’t want it to stretch one day longer than it has to. And you certainly would prefer we NOT drill into newly laid concrete or paver work. While we have it down to a science, ideal installation occurs DURING instead of AFTER.

Call today for any of your spring, summer, or even fall renovation plans. Our team is happy to get started and work with you and your team iteratively until the project is complete.