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What Is The Best Solar Outdoor Pathway Lighting In Atlanta?

The Sad Truth About Solar Outdoor Pathway Lighting May Surprise You

When it comes to conserving natural resources, it’s safe to say that the majority of us are all on the same page. The older we get, the more we realize how precious a gift Mother Earth is.

It’s admirable to strive to be a sustainable family by eliminating single-use plastic bottles from our daily routine and recycling them for weekly trash pickup.

best solar outdoor lighting atlanta

With this consciousness, you are most likely also concerned about conserving precious energy in Atlanta. And that we have in common – in a big way.

Solar Outdoor Pathway Lighting

The sad truth about solar walkway lights and solar pathway lighting is that they are a bad choice for nighttime illumination if you are concerned about providing good visibility, safety, and security after the sun sets for the day.

To put it in perspective, think of it this way. Imagine if your bicycle reflector was white instead of red and placed along the areas you want to light. Would that be good enough for you? Our guess is not.

Disadvantages Of Solar Pathway Lighting And Solar Walkway Lights

1. Unusually High Cost: The initial price of purchasing a solar system is fairly high when considered with high-performance low voltage outdoor lighting.

2. Sunshine-Dependent: Although solar energy can still be collected during cloudy and rainy days, the efficiency of a solar system drops, whereas energy-efficient low voltage pathway lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of North Atlanta never wavers.

3. Air Pollution Concern: Transportation and installation of solar systems have been associated with the emission of greenhouse gases. There are also some toxic materials and hazardous products used during the manufacturing process of solar photovoltaic systems, which can indirectly affect the environment.

Why Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting For Pathway Lighting Is Your Best Choice

path lighting close up Aesthetics: If the idea of having mini robot-looking toy transformers placed along your pathways and landscape, solar outdoor pathway lighting may appeal to you.

But our guess is that you will find our stunning, proprietary copper and brass pathway lighting fixtures a better-looking choice.

Functionality: One considerable drawback with solar pathway lighting in Atlanta is that some of them are not as bright as low voltage pathway fixtures. Experts say that the average solar path light delivers about as much light as a 40-watt light bulb. Furthermore, solar pathway lights provide ambient lighting, which tends toward a bluish hue. This makes use as security lighting limited, and definitely not a good choice for showcasing the beauty, colors, and textures within your adjacent gardens and landscape.

Longevity: Hands-down, low voltage pathway lighting is the best choice for a superior all-weather option. It is highly reliable, consistent, and dependable even in the worst North Atlanta weather conditions.

LED Pathway Lighting: When comparing solar pathway lighting and solar walkway lighting to LED pathway lighting; honestly, there is no comparison. Not only is LED more energy-efficient than solar, but it looks and functions better. Much better. A primary reason why LED lighting is so superior is the direct power supply of the grid (that is, the voltage we use to connect household appliances), whereas solar energy is the battery power supply, which needs to be charged continuously.

Why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Of Atlanta Is Your Best Choice For The Energy-Saving Benefits Of Solar With The Better Performance And Reliability Of Low Voltage

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives was founded back in 1986 under the original name of Lightscapes and was rebranded to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives in 1999 when we decided to expand to serve more cities within the United States.

Up until that point in time, outdoor lighting, pathway lighting, and landscape lighting was reserved mainly for the wealthy segments of the population due to the expense of having to go through so many “channels” to have a system installed.

For example, there was no “one-stop” to receive professional design guidance, order fixtures, schedule installation, and receive annual maintenance.

We changed all that with our acclaimed turnkey service, augmented with the finest COLT-certified pathway lighting design and installation team available anywhere.

Being The Consummate Professionals, We Are Easy To Deal With And Even Easier To Talk To

If you are interested in saving energy with a new outdoor pathway lighting system – or wish to upgrade or replace an existing one – we’d love to hear from you.

Our pathway lighting systems are now available in Alto, Alpharetta, Atlanta, Auburn, Braselton, Buford, Clermont, Dacula, Duluth, Flowery Branch, Gainesville, Gillsville, Grayson, Hoschton, Johns Creek, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Loganville, Lula, Murrayville, Norcross, Oakwood, Peachtree Corners, Roswell, and Suwanee throughout the greater North Atlanta area.

We invite you to phone us at 770-308-8808 or click here to connect with us.