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color-changing Outdoor Lights

Programmable color-changing Outdoor Lights Will Make Your Home and Landscaping Shine

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Chicago offers the upper echelon of color-changing outdoor lights for your home, landscaping, and outdoor living spaces. Bonsai Color Series color-changing outdoor lights come in a variety of fixtures that can be used together to illuminate different areas around your home with vibrant, beautiful colors. These programmable color-changing LED outdoor lights will set your home and property apart from the rest with a lighting design that is unique to your home and your landscaping. These color-changing outdoor lights include landscape lights, path lights, accent lights, deck lights and more!

Outdoor color-changing LED Lights

Outdoor color-changing LED lights cannot stand on their own merit. That’s because even the best color-changing outdoor lights can be installed poorly. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you needn’t worry that your outdoor lighting installation has been performed by a lighting company, who does not value the quality of installation as much as the quality of their lighting fixtures. The process by which we arrive at your final outdoor lighting installation is thorough. Our complimentary outdoor lighting design consultation will allow our lighting designers to make note of the areas of your home which will benefit from being lighted. They will offer advice on the types of lights that should be installed throughout your property, including the front of your home, dark recesses, and outdoor living spaces. And when it comes to your professional outdoor color-changing LED lights’ installation, you can be sure that your home and property will become an illuminated showcase.

Programmable color-changing LED Outdoor Lights

A screenshot of a smart home appWhen you choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives as your lighting company, programming your color-changing LED outdoor lights is breeze. Whether you choose to use them as programmable outdoor Christmas lights to complement your own Christmas lights, or you wish to use them all year long, you will have control of the colors, on and off times, and brightness of your lighting fixtures through your smartphone.

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Outdoor color-changing Lights Fixtures

Our outdoor color-changing light fixtures are a cut above. If you are looking for top-quality outdoor lighting, look no further than Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Chicago. Our Bonsai outdoor color-changing light fixtures are thoughtfully constructed to endure all that Mother Nature has to offer. The color-changing LED bulbs are long-lasting, as are the exterior fixtures. What’s more, if you become a member of our Shine365 program, your lights will be well cared for by our lighting technicians to help them keep shining beautifully for many years to come.

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