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Landscape Lighting Services from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Chicago

Whether you’re looking to show off your lawn long after the sun has gone done or need to add some lighting for safety reasons, we can help! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Chicago is the premier residential and landscape lighting service company for Chicago and surrounding areas. Every day, we provide hundreds of homes with reliable, energy-efficient, and beautiful lighting fixtures to complete their property’s overall aesthetic, while giving it the functionality that comes with modern lighting.

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Energy Efficient LED Lighting in chicago

While LED lighting has been used for decades in modern holiday decorating, it hasn’t been until recently that it has become common for outdoor installations. From saving energy costs to being all-around brighter fixtures, LED lights have become a common staple for modern residential outdoor lighting systems.

Some benefits associated with modern LED lighting include:

  • Less Energy – Did you know that LEDs use less energy than your average lightbulb? In fact, LEDs use a fourth of the energy of other low voltage lighting options.
  • 50,000 Hours Lifespan – LED light bulbs can last you up to 50,000 hours. This means that you’ll need to complete less maintenance compared to traditional bulbs.
  • Appealing Light – LED lights are brighter and clearer, so there is no doubt that these lights will let you show off your property and its true color.
  • Endless Capabilities – Equipped with brightness and directorial abilities lost in older models, LED lights to give you full control, and make a great outdoor lighting option.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we offer beautiful copper LED landscape lighting fixtures that will highlight all the best features of your property. If you have an existing outdoor lighting system, we can retrofit it to the new LED technology using some of your existing wiring and fixtures depending on your system.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Benefits

Some other benefits of our landscape lighting services include:

  • Illuminate Outdoor Space – One of the most obvious benefits, but important nonetheless. Whether you love to relax at the end of night outside or you’ve been known to entertain family and friends outside, your landscape lighting will light up your outdoor space for long after the sun has gone down! Whether you’re here for decoration or functionality, your outdoor lights will serve a dual purpose for you and your family.
  • Highlight Landscape Décor – When you work with our experts, you will develop a strategic plan that helps achieve your design goals. From using lights to highlight your walkways to showing off the flower bed you’re in love with, lighting fixtures can be a great way to highlight landscape décor for visitors, neighbors, and passersby!
  • Enhance Curb Appeal – Of course, any addition to your home will increase the overall property value – but, nothing quite increases the value and curb appeal in one go like our outdoor lighting fixtures. Not only do outdoor lights add a sense of luxury to any property, but it also ensures that you have one of the best-looking homes in the neighborhood. We’re confident that your home will become the envy of the neighborhood.
  • Keeps You Safe – Not only is outdoor lighting beautiful, oftentimes breathtaking, you can also use landscape lighting to keep your family, friends, and any other guests that visit your property, safe. From lighting walkways to pathways to steps to your driveway, proper landscape lighting can ensure all these are illuminated when the sun has gone down. This will help decrease the chance of accidents occurring on your property.
  • Keeps Unwanted Visitors Out – One of the most important benefits of outdoor lighting is that it deters crime and helps prevent unwanted visitors. Burglary tends to be one of the most common threats to your home and outdoor lighting can help protect you. Proper outdoor lighting gives the idea that the home is well-maintained and cared for, which will decrease the chances of trespassing or theft.

A Full-Service Residential Lighting Company

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Chicago, we’re here to help you with all your outdoor lighting needs. Whether you’re looking to highlight your architectural design or sticking with landscape décor, our team can help take care of all your outdoor lighting needs.

Some of the professional services that give us an edge over the competition in Chicago includes:

  • Complimentary In-Person Consultation – Our team of professional lighting experts is more than happy to provide you with a free, in-person consultation. A lighting expert will come directly to you, learn about your unique lighting goals, and help design a lighting plan that works for you and your budget – all with no hassle and no-obligation attached.
  • Existing Lighting Upgrades – If you already have lighting on your property, don’t fret – we can still help. Our experts can also assist you in upgrading your current system to modern LED lights, which will save you money and give you a brighter look overall.
  • Residential Lighting Maintenance – Our team continues to support you, long after our services are completed. If you’re having trouble with your OLP lighting fixtures, our team can help assist you in service requests to get your lawn looking towards a brighter future!

When you’re ready, reach out to our team in Chicago. With reliable technicians and expert designers, we’re confident we can find you an outdoor lighting system that works for you, your design preferences, and your budget!

Searching for professional outdoor lighting services in Chicago? Give us a call at (630) 345-4249 or contact us onlineto get started.

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