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10 Fantastic Landscape Lighting Ideas For the Most Beautiful Home on the Block

Don’t Try to Keep Up with the Joneses. Be the Joneses with Gorgeous Indianapolis Landscape Lighting to Illuminate the Charm of your Home and Property Every Night.

There are many approaches to making your house a charming home. It requires diligence both inside and out. While indoors you replace floors and kitchen countertops, outside you may be unsure what you can do besides keeping your lawn and landscape tidy. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Indianapolis, we recommend you extend the enjoyment of that hard-earned lawn and landscape into the night. With professionally designed and installed landscape lighting, when the sun goes down, the magic can really take hold.

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Exterior home lighting adds gorgeous nighttime curb appeal.

Enjoy these ten fantastic landscape lighting ideas to accent your gorgeous home and property after sunset.

Where should I add landscape lighting?

1. Illuminate Your Home’s Entry
Creating a warm welcome for you, your family, and guests is a must. The unique charm of your front entrance and doorway become visible at night and those arriving after dark feel safe and welcome.

2. Highlight Paths and Stairs
Sidewalks, stairs, and steps leading to your home from the street or parking area provide a lovely opportunity for a gentle wash of light for beauty, sure-footing, and safety.

3. Spotlight Your Favorite Front-Yard Feature
Do you have a favorite tree, fountain, sculpture, or another landscape accessory? Make it the centerpiece of your nighttime landscape with a spotlight.

4. Brighten the Perimeter of Your Entire Property
Our expert landscape lighting designers will create a gorgeous lighting design using a variety of fixtures and techniques to illuminate your property line. Creating an illuminated border shows off your property’s size and shape along with providing subtle security.

5. Extend Outdoor Living Well Past Sunset
Don’t let sunset chase you and your guests indoors. With the addition of landscape lighting around your outdoor living spaces, you can enjoy lovely Indianapolis nights under the lights. We recommend the addition of patio lighting, deck lighting, and overhead string lighting to create additional visibility and allure.

Magical moonlighting illuminates large spaces.

How should I illuminate my landscape?

6. Cross Lighting
When multiple spotlights are applied to the same focal-feature from different angles, the effect is dramatic and beautiful. The flat nighttime scene instantly becomes multi-dimensional with depth and intrigue.

7. Moonlighting
Moonlighting is a specific downlighting effect where we shine a light down through the branches of trees to cast light over a wide area. The result mimics the beauty of a gorgeous full moon at night.

8. Silhouetting
Some of your vertical structures lend themselves to placing a light behind them. This creates a glow from behind that is magical on a dark Indianapolis night.

9. Focal Lighting
You choose your landscaping greenery and accessories carefully. If you love it, you should flaunt it! With focal lighting, we spotlight your favorite tree, statue, fountain, flower, or other landscape feature by directing a light right on it.

10. Subtle Wall Washing (Grazing)
The placement of a light fixture can change everything. We use spotlighting very close to vertical structures, shining them up in a way where the light barely touches the object. Anything with texture such as stonework, tree bark, or siding is perfect for this texturizing technique.

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