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Prepare for the End of Daylight Savings Time on November 3rd with an Indianapolis Landscape Lighting System Installation to Push Back the Darkness

Although the end of daylight savings time is near, this doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to spending your evenings outside. With landscape lighting in Indianapolis, you can illuminate the outside of your home so evenings don’t feel so dark during the fall and winter.

Before you know it, you will be driving home from work in the dark. Wouldn’t it be nice to arrive at an illuminated version of your home? Discover why installing Indianapolis landscape lighting before the end of daylight savings time is a great idea.

Indianapolis Landscape Lighting Will Prepare You for the End of Daylight Savings Time

Did you know the sun sets at 5:26 pm during winter solstice? Most of us aren’t even home from work yet. This means the only time we see daylight is during our working hours. Immersing yourself outside for just ten minutes a day can do wonders for your mental health. Take control of your evenings again by investing in Indianapolis Landscape lighting for your home.

Our lighting installers at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Indianapolis can design the perfect landscape lighting to brighten your yard’s best features. Once the lighting is installed, get ready to find an excuse to spend more evenings outside in your bright yard. Best of all, you can enjoy the lights all year round. From crisp fall evenings, snowy winter nights, and flowery spring evenings to hot summer nights, outdoor lighting is the perfect home improvement to enjoy all year.

Hassle-Free Outdoor Lighting with Lighting Automation

If you’re interested in installing Indianapolis landscape lighting for your home before the end of daylight savings time, it’s important to act now rather than when the ground freezes because it makes us unable to install most landscape lighting. If you do install it now, you never have to worry about adjusting the time it turns on and off, even for daylight savings time. Lighting automation makes your complete landscape lighting experience hassle-free. Simply set it and forget it to enjoy well-lit evenings all year.

Counter-act the shortening of the days by adding landscape lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Indianapolis now! Call today to schedule a design consultation. The sooner you start, the sooner your lighting installation can be complete!