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Add the Finishing Touch to Spring Landscape Updates with Landscape Lighting

Are you busy planning your Chesterfield, Creve Coeur, St. Louis area spring landscape updates? Whether you’re refreshing your mulch, planting a few annuals, or tackling a full landscape redo, it is important that you consider landscape lighting an integral part of the design.

Before Mulching, Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Spring Landscape lightingEveryone has their own order of doing things, but I think we can all agree that planting before mulching makes for the tidiest looking landscape. To that end, we want to let you know, adding landscape lighting is much better if we can do it before you mulch too! So, if you’re ready to spread mulch in St. Louis, wait, call us first.

Refresh your Existing Landscape

If your landscape is centered around perennials and shrubs, you might only need to trim hedges, clean out weeds, and refresh your mulch each spring. This type of low-maintenance, long-lasting landscape design is becoming more popular each year as perennials require less water and maintenance.

If you enjoy an established landscape full of azaleas, hostas, and trees, we recommend you add new landscape lighting to show off your mature vegetation.

Our favorites include adding landscape path lighting near your medium to small perennial flowers. We love to add an uplight to any tall flowers such as poppies or irises. Lastly, your trees should absolutely shine. With uplighting or tree-mounted moonlighting, your favorite Oaks and Maples will get the attention they deserve after dark while providing subtle visibility around your property.

Show-Off New Flowers, Trees, and Landscape Beds

St Louis flowerbed lightingWhile mature landscaping has a certain magic to it, newly planted trees, flowers, and shrubbery transform a property from a bare or scarce landscape into a lush and lovely outdoor space. When the effort is made to create a gorgeous landscape, landscape lighting is a natural next step. Show off your newly transformed yard with gorgeous spotlights on your new trees and accent lighting on your flowers and shrubs.

But, if you are a lover of annual flowers and install them every spring to create a colorful floral landscape by mid-summer as they spread, we have lighting for you too! Call us now to plan your flower lighting, and we can be ready to add the lights as soon as your flowers are going in the ground. Once they spread with the help of your loving time and care, we can come back out and make adjustments if necessary.

There is nothing quite like annual flowers spreading around your landscape lighting for a colorful nighttime lightscape.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis today! When we get involved in your spring landscape planning, the earlier, the better. We will work closely with you, your landscape designer, gardener or landscaper to schedule optimal lighting installation timing for the best-looking landscapes in St. Louis! 636-561-1818