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Seeing is Believing with St. Louis Outdoor Lighting

Would you buy a car without driving it first? Us either. And while you might not be able to have your contractor give you a demonstration at your home of a new kitchen or bathroom design, lighting lends itself to the excellent opportunity of a preview. We offer a FREE at-home nighttime outdoor lighting demonstration.

While seeing lighting on someone else’s home is inspiring, there is nothing like seeing your own home transform when the sun sets. From darkness to light, you’ll be in aww when you flip the switch.

Before and after landscape lighting

How does our outdoor lighting demonstration work?

Step One: Call our office and schedule your outdoor lighting demonstration on an evening that works best for you. 636-561-1818

Step Two: Our team will arrive at your home on the designated day and time – approximately 30 minutes before sunset. While you go about your business, we’ll set up our temporary lighting system to mimic our initial proposed lighting design as closely as possible.

Step Three: After darkness begins to fall, we’ll invite you to join us in the yard.

Step Four: You’ll begin by seeing your home as it stands, as it has always stood. Then, you’ll flip the switch to see the transformation.

The response is most often a dropped jaw, followed by ooohs and ahhhs.

Once you’ve recovered your senses, we’ll begin looking at the lighting with a constructive eye. Together we can tweak the design, shift lights around, add lights or take lights away so that the final product is what you’ll love!

At that point, if you decide to go forward, we can schedule installation. If you are not sure, that is okay too! We are not high-pressure salespeople. Our joy is seeing your joy and we know that when you’re ready for lighting, we’ll be here, ready and honored to help.

If you’re considering adding landscape lighting, patio lighting, deck lighting, or exterior home lighting, call us today to schedule your free nighttime demonstration. 636-561-1818