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Fall Backyard Living in St. Louis is Better with Outdoor Lighting

If you’re like many St. Louis residents, you have had enough of the summer heat and are looking forward to a slight cool down as fall approaches. The change in weather signals a re-emergence of families into their backyard living spaces. The grills are being fired up, the footballs and baseballs are being tossed around again, and neglected patios and decks are being enjoyed again.

Along with the relief from the heat and the beginning of sweater weather comes shorter days and longer nights. Don’t let the setting sun keep you from enjoying one of the most beautiful times of the year. Add professional LED backyard lighting to your deck, patio, and yard so you can stay outside longer!

What should you consider for your St. Louis backyard lighting project?

Patio Lighting

Stone, paver, and concrete patios are a great place to hang out at home. They provide a lovely place to dine and lounge and in today’s backyards often include a large variety of accessories to make outdoor living even better. From pergolas, porch roofs, and outdoor kitchens to outdoor fireplaces and outdoor televisions, patios are truly an extension of our homes.

We provide stunning patio lighting designs to maximize the beauty and function of your unique patio. Choose from overhead task lighting for your outdoor kitchen, under-counter ambient lighting, hardscape lighting for your vertical paver or stone structures, or custom landscape lighting to surround the space with a soft glow.

Many of our clients love to entertain on their patios which has brought overhead string lighting to the top of the “must-have” outdoor living accessory list. These nostalgic and festive lights are custom strung and can hang year-round over your patio for an instant party vibe. They also work well out in the yard between trees, over your deck, over a fire pit, and almost anywhere else a post can be installed.

Deck Lighting

Backyard decks are a lovely place to relax, party, eat dinner and host gatherings. The soft decking provides that comfortable indoor feeling but in the fresh air of the outdoors. If your deck was already in place when you purchased your home, or you omitted to add light during the building process, as night falls earlier and earlier each day you might be wishing for a little more light so you can stay out longer.

Deck lighting doesn’t have to be installed during the deck building process. We can install a variety of deck lights into your existing deck. Popular choices in deck lighting include stair riser lights for safety, post cap lights for decoration and ambient light, under-rail lighting for a beautiful perimeter glow, and half-moon post lights for illuminating the deck floor.

With a customized combination of deck lighting at your home, you can continue to enjoy the space seamlessly through sunset and beyond!

Tree Lighting

Trees are a magical part of your landscape design. They provide an anchor to the entire property, providing shade during the day, and mystical shadows in the moonlight at night. But during the autumn color change, they provide lively color and vibrancy to all of St. Louis. Have you ever seen the stunning oranges, yellows, and reds of a turned maple leaf in the stunning glow of a professionally designed tree lighting installation? It is a sight to behold and a perfect way to maximize the glorious scenery of the short autumn color change season.

Custom Backyard Lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

When you choose the lighting experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis for your backyard lighting installation, you get a completely customized lighting design. Our personalized design service is more than just us suggesting lighting to you. It is an interview of sorts. We chat with you. We get to know you. We look at your backyard and property together so we can learn what you love most about your yard, what you like to show off, and how you use your outdoor living spaces. Then we can make the right outdoor lighting suggestions for your best life!

If you’d like to take full advantage of the approaching fall weather with new backyard lighting, give us a call today to schedule your free nighttime demonstration. When you see your favorite outdoor spaces illuminated, you’ll fall in love with your home and property all over again.