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Specialty Landscape Lighting Installation Helps St. Louis Homeowner Achieve Dreams of a Classic English Victorian Home

You listened to me, designed my vision, and executed beautifully. We are so incredibly thankful and grateful to you. While the landscaping truly is a piece of art, your lighting solution accentuates its already natural beauty and brings it to take on a life of its own in the evening. We are fortunate to not only have the pleasure of enjoying our landscaping during the day, but we can also enjoy her in a different light in the evening where her natural beauty literally glows. – Alecia

Buying your dream home is the first step, making it your own is step two. Recently, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives had the pleasure of working with a client in the Lake St. Louis community who wanted to show off their gorgeous new landscaping at night. To complement their gorgeous home, the client had their landscape completely redone with a classic English Victorian charm. Once the landscaping was complete, she wanted to show her yard off at night without losing the classic English Victorian charm of the landscape and home. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives stepped in to help the client achieve their goals.

Lake St. Louis landscape Lighting with Specialty Path Lighting

One of the ways Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis was able to complement the landscape’s unique feel was by special ordering Bronze Marseille path lights. These lights resemble lanterns and were the best lighting fixture to illuminate the home’s pathways while keeping the classic English Victorian theme.

Micro-Spot Light on Mailbox

Not only can we take care of the lighting throughout your landscape but also your mailbox. The homeowner wanted to draw attention to their mailbox to make the address visible at night. So, our outdoor lighting installers added a micro spotlight on the mailbox. The micro spotlight is a fantastic choice for tight areas where there is not a ton of room for the light itself.

Highlighting the Yard’s Best Features with Landscape Lighting

There were several parts of the yard to draw attention to. To start, we created uplighting for the trees by installing flush mount well lights that were installed in the turf so that the lawnmower won’t destroy them. We always install our landscape lighting with landscape maintenance in mind.

The home also had traditional brass and copper uplights installed in the planting beds to accentuate the beautiful plants. Redwoods Inflight lights were installed for the trees in the back to give off a high output to accommodate for the height of the trees. Each fixture was strategically chosen to complement the landscape the best way possible.

Lastly, we installed wash lights to accentuate the two different statues and the fountain. Our outdoor lighting installers were able to take this beautiful classic English Victorian garden in St. Charles County and bring it to life at night without losing its charm.

When you have dreams of a particular design aesthetic for your landscape and curb appeal, the right lighting can make all the difference. If you have gorgeous landscaping to show off and enjoy better at night, call today to schedule a design consultation. The sooner you start, the sooner your landscape lighting installation can be complete!