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Fenton Landscape Lighting Shines Brightly on Local Artist’s Collection of One-of-a-Kind Pieces

What do you love and collect? From fine art to turtles, frogs, flamingos, and gnomes, we create landscape lighting for you!

When it comes to Fenton landscape lighting, there is no one-size-fits-all. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, we create custom landscape lighting designs to fit your exact design preferences, unique landscape design, functional needs, and to show off your favorite things!

Outdoor art lighting Outdoor art lighting Outdoor art lighting

So, when it was time for this Fenton artist to illuminate his property, he called us to provide the custom outdoor lighting he required.

Focus on the Fun

An artist for fun, this homeowner wanted to add landscape lighting to create visibility around his property, but also illuminate his hobby, his passion, his art!

Outdoor art lighting

First, we got to work creating a custom outdoor focal lighting technique for each of his hand made sculptures. Each piece of art offered its own unique shape, size, and texture, which means we had to adjust angles and placements to properly illuminate each piece in an exclusive way.

Classic and Decorative Landscape Lighting

With a gorgeous property and landscape, we didn’t just stop with the focal lighting for his artwork. We added classic landscape lights to illuminate the retaining wall that lines his driveway.

Retaining wall landscape lightingExterior home lightingPath lighting

We also used classic wall-wash lighting to highlight the exterior of his beautiful modern home.

Lastly, we added to the already existing landscape art by adding our own decorative lighting pieces – attraction lights. Attraction lights are artistically designed lighting fixtures with lights on the inside, so they create magical shadows and become an additional focal feature of your property in their own right. They come in multiple sizes and styles so we used smaller path lighting size around his walkway and framed his entryway with two taller bollards.

Home entryway lightingAttraction lightingAttraction path lighting

From homemade art to gnome collections and frog collection, at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, we’ll illuminate your favorite landscape focal features. Call us today 636-561-1818 to schedule a free nighttime demonstration and don’t stop with the house, be sure to include landscape lighting for a whole property lighting makeover!