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St. Louis LED Color Landscape Lighting Adds Fun to Your Sophisticated Landscape Lighting System

Are you looking for an opportunity for creativity within your landscape? Do you need that perfect product that will allow you to easily make changes to fit the mood of the day or the weekend’s special events? Add color to your life with RGB LED landscape lighting!

Color changing tree lighting

color-changing RGB Landscape Lights

If you wanted to add color to your landscape lighting design in the past, it required adding colored lens covers to your lights manually. Not anymore!

With LED technology, we have lights that can be changed to a variety of different colors all from an easy to use smartphone app. In fact, “RGB” means red, blue, and green.
With these three colors and the technology to control the output of each color, you can choose from over 16 million hues of light!

What Could You Do with 16 Million Different Color Choices?

  • Match the exact shade of magenta your daughter chose for her wedding colors.
  • Hit the precise shade of blue to support the St. Louis Blues on their Stanley Cup Playoff run! BLUE: (0,47,135) YELLOW: (252,181,20) NAVY BLUE: (4,30,66) WHITE: (255,255,255)
  • Or support the Cardinals all summer long! RED: (151,35,63)
  • Adjust until you get the perfect red and green for a traditional holiday light scene – or match your newest decorations with golds, silvers, blues, and more.
  • Promote your passion! Whether you’re supporting Alzheimer’s charities, breast cancer research, autism awareness, or otherwise, your charity is sure to have a color for showing support.

Color outdoor lighting

Choose Your Favorite Color or Find a New Favorite

When you have RGB color landscape lighting, you can change the colors whenever you want to whatever color you want. Choose your favorites or slide your RGB scale around to find a new favorite hue of yellow or that perfect coastal turquoise for a summer party! The choices are pretty close to endless, so have fun choosing.

Or Just Choose White!

Just because you have color, doesn’t mean you have to use it.

With an RGB LED landscape lighting system, you can choose neutral tones such as white or light yellow for every day. Allowing you to show a sophisticated and modern landscape lighting design when desired, but still, be able to turn on the fun when the opportunity presents itself. And you can do both at the same time. Add color around your patio, while keeping your front yard neutral.

Color outdoor lighting

Where and How to Use RGB LED Outdoor Lighting to Its Fullest Extent

While the only limit is your imagination, we have a few suggestions for how you can utilize an RGB LED landscape lighting system.

  1. Add it to your home’s exterior lighting so that at Christmas, your home can be washed with a holiday color for instant holiday lighting. Imagine green and red columns!
  2. Add color-changing landscape lights to your outdoor entertaining spaces. When you host the big post-game celebration or an everyday gathering, you can use the colors to set the mood, celebrate the event, and create instant fun.
  3. Trees are particularly magical with colorful RGB lighting. In the summer, their green leaves combine to make new colors while in winter, their glorious, majestic branches get a whole new outlook.

If you’re interested in adding a little color to your world, call us today to learn more about RGB LED outdoor lighting systems. We look forward to hearing from you.